Spotlight on Aurelius

aureliusThis week’s Spotlight focuses on Aurelius, one of the more recent additions to Pulp City’s line-up of nefarious Villains!

Eric Goulding was ruthless business man who let nothing stand in his way, even death. His return to the mortal realm gifted him with vast alchemical knowledge and an inhumanly resilient body of pure gold. Aurelius is using his new powers to amass greater wealth and power for his own purposes. He is willing to work for anyone or do anything to secure his empire. For now he forges alliances with other Supremes to serve his own ends, but only Aurelius knows what his ultimate end-game is.

aurelius-page-002A solid and dependable Level 2 Tank, Aurelius is a great addition to any Villain team. His primary Action Molten Gold is a melee attack dealing Damage 2 as  and Fatigue as basic Effects (FX), and Damage 1 as its Extra Effect (EFX). Golden Boy is a Combinable Action and often the go-to ability for Aurelius. It grants him Defend 1 and Immunity/Displacement as FX, with Defend or Power Up as EFX. Finally, Pool of Gold targets an Enemy model to center a 3 inch radius zone of Dangerous Ground. This is tricky to use as you must target an Enemy and succeed in the Action Roll. Because the Target can choose to be pushed out of the area, this Action can be used to lock down large areas of the table or move low-HP models out of key positions.

Aurelius’ Powers are simple but effective. Transmute allows Aurelius to choose to either be Living or Mechanical or both when targeted by an Action; with this he can grant allies bonus dice or deny dice to his opponents depending on circumstance. Alchemist gives Aurelius a pool of 3 Power Up Dice to charge him up at the start of a game. While tough and potentially rolling a lot of dice, Aurelius has low Agility and Spirit Traits so it’s not always an easy choice when to use his Tank Power. Make sure you are boosting his defenses early and often with Golden Boy.

pcm-2011-alch-7-flt2wwwAs a Tank Aurelius works best when paired with a Support model: Sister Bedlam can Heal him; Vector can boost his defense and use Pixels as Tanks to the Tank; Riposte can increase his Attack dice; Tanuki can add more Power Up dice. Naturally 100 Voices or Mysterious Man can make great use of him to protect weaker or more vulnerable models, but he can also fill a valuable role with Forgotten under Stygian adding a tougher Tank option to their lineup. In addition, Aurelius and Lady in Red work well together as she can funnel his Power Up dice elsewhere if needed.


You can read more about Aurelius’ fall and rise to Supreme power here (click link for story).


If you want to add Aurelius to your Team, you can find him in the web-store here (click for link).

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