Spotlight on Howler

HowlerThe A.R.C.’s very own archetypal action hero, Howler brings potent run-and-gun tactics and a fierce stare down to your Team.

Howler is unquestionably the awakened primate most assimilated within human customs, an avid consumer of their abundant pop-culture. A recognizable face on Pulp City’s Supreme scene, he has forged many surprising alliances, and is often the more people-friendly face of the A.R.C. especially compared with Guerilla’s aggressive proclamations. Because of his ways, the rest of A.R.C. typically treats Howler as a useful annoyance. They have yet to learn of the extent of his relationships with the humans, particularly June Summers, and the day may come when Howler must make a very difficult choice, or it may be made for him.

howler-page-002A mobile Level 1 Blaster, his combination of Actions and Powers make Howler exceptional. First is Snap Shot, an AP 1 Reaction to being Targeted (an Attack declared against Howler) by a model within 6 inches. This interrupts the sequence of play, with basic Effect (FX) of Damage 1, and Damage 1 for Extra Effect (EFX). This offers an effective deterrent, or a nasty surprise for unsuspecting opponents. Next is Stare Down, a Combinable Action inflicting Knockback 4 as FX (ideal for pushing models away from Objectives etc.) and Self/Power Up 1 as EFX. Finally, is Gun Bravado, a Projectile with 6-inch range, inflicting Damage 1 and Suppress 1 as FX, and choices of Damage 1, Extra Target 6 or Suppress 1 as EFX.

Howler’s Blaster Role Power is perfect for all his Actions, offering +2 dice for using any of them while outside of Base to Base with Enemy models. This means he is usually rolling 3 dice at any time, with Snap Shot and Gun Bravado based on his decent Trump 5 Energy Trait. This is backed up by Strafe, Howler’s unique Power allowing him to use Gun Bravado at any point during his movement (whether a single Move or a Combined double Move), giving him ultimate mobility and ranged threat.

HowlerWWWHowler is a great go-to ranged option for A.R.C., but as a Freelancer he also has synergy with other Teams and Leaders. Primate of Science offers him the potential for Energy 7 for his Attacks, as well as an extra die on Gun Bravado and Snap Shot, while Dr. Red’s Red Alpha offers a useful supply of Power Up dice during Encounters. Beyond A.R.C., Dead Eye, Mysterious Man and 100 Voices can include Howler in their Teams easily enough without compromising their Faction Leader Cards. 100 Voices especially can mutually stack Suppress with Howler, nullifying powerful Enemies.


You can read more about Howler’s story here (click for link).


If you want to add Howler’s firepower to your Team, you can find him in the web-store here (click for link).

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