Spotlight on Twilight

twilightnewThis Spotlight looks at the new and improved Level 2 Twilight, as the masked assassin ascends the Coven ranks.

A mysterious assassin swathed in shadows, Twilight is a martial arts and weapons expert, and the Coven’s primary covert operations specialist. Her skills have been enhanced by minor voodoo charms which allow her to hide and travel through the spirit world. Today she has risen through the organization’s ranks to become the leader of its Strike Team. An orphan, Twilight underwent full mental conditioning while young. However, she has recently felt another calling, finding other kindred spirits, and her loyalty to the Coven will no doubt be tested. For now, Twilight leads a double life as she works for the Coven yet heeds White Tiger’s call.

twilightnew-page-002Tempered Shadow Fangs is Twilight’s primary Attack, a close combat Action dealing Damage 2 as base Effect (FX), with Extra Target 2, Damage 1 or Follow Up as Extra Effects (EFX). All her Actions feature Follow Up as EFX, allowing Twilight to immediately use another Action in the same Turn, creating devastating combos. Vanishing Shadow is a Reaction to being Targeted (declaration of Attack), with FX Self/Shift 4, and EFX Self/Power Up 1 and Follow Up (which can lead into Tempered Shadow Fangs before the triggering model can use its Action!). Finally, Display of Power is a 3-inch Pulse with Damage 1 as FX and EFX, and a Special granting Power Up dice to Twilight or nearby Friendly Coven.

As a Level 2 Infiltrator, and with her Reaction (Vanishing Shadow), Twilight can flank or operate in isolation with some safety. Her Swooping Shadow ability allows you to use her aggressively, giving a +1 die bonus when benefitting from Momentum. This stacks with her Darkness bonus against Living and Light (+1 die against each). In addition, her Field Commander Power provides a Leader card to the Team and allows Twilight to supply Power Up dice through the game, meaning she functions well on her own or with nearby allies.

twilight-artTwilight is affiliated with Coven and The Way, so naturally fits with either. Rook can boost Twilight’s AP Limit, allowing three Attacks in a Round. Using Twilight, Mambo can deploy as an Infiltrator. Papa Zombie can use Possession then Voodoo Training, effectively creating three Activations for your Team in a Turn, which can be maximized by Twilight’s Follow Up EFX. White Tiger’s Martial Arts Master adds an automatic buff to Tempered Shadow Fangs. Crimson Oni can use Flight of the Phoenix, allowing Twilight to double-team a target model. Finally, Red Bella’s Idol Points can further enhance Twilight’s Attacks.


You can read Twilight’s story here (click for link).


If you want to add the new Twilight model to your Team you can find her in the web-store here (click for link).

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