Spotlight on E.C.T.O.

ectoA versatile Support capable of surviving in the thick of the action, E.C.T.O. can be useful in many Teams, not only the Supreme Alliance!

The product of his nation’s need for more Supreme military assets after the measured success of the Spybreaker program, E.C.T.O.’s origin is marked by tragedy. A retired masked hero once known as Dr. Techno, Dr. Alfred Thomas saw that his partner Dr. Van Der Beek had created an artificial man, the Engrammic Cybernetic Technological Organism, for his own dark purposes and not to deliver an army of Supreme fighting men. Dr. Thomas intervened, using Van Der Beek’s machine to transfer his own consciousness to the body and became entrapped, the lab destroyed as Van Der Beek fled.

ecto-page-002A Level 2 Support, E.C.T.O. brings offers surprising threat. His first Action, Phase Grip, is unusual because it is a Dynamic Action (T#) and not a Trait versus Trait Combat Action. Combat Bonuses do not apply, but if you can stack sufficient Power Up dice onto E.C.T.O. he can deliver a considerable blow with almost-certainty. Phase Grip offers Damage 2 and Stun as base Effects (FX) and Damage with Suppress 1 as its Extra Effect (EFX). Next is Throw, a standard THR Action (requiring Objects), with Damage as FX, and Damage 1 or Knockback 4 as EFX. Finally, Improved Analysis provides Self/Power Up 1 and Team Tactics as FX and EFX; Team Tactics grants a Power Up die to a Friendly Supreme within 6 inches.

Supplementing E.C.T.O.’s considerable Actions are his Powers. Phase Body allows E.C.T.O. to become Spectral at a cost of 1 AP. This Power also allows him to always affect Spectral or Non-Spectral models, which can be a very effective counter to the challenge that Spectral models present. In contrast, Hyper-Density allows E.C.T.O. to Fatigue himself for a +1 bonus to Strength Action Rolls (this includes Phase Grip!), and can stack with his Flight High Ground bonus for Throw; in addition, he gains Immunity to Displacement Effects until the following Effects Phase (perfect for sitting on Objectives).

ecto_smlE.C.T.O. is an ideal Support for Supreme Alliance; his Role Power and Team Tactics Effect both offer synergy with the Cold War version of Arquero, who benefits from being with 6 inches of a Supreme Alliance Supreme. As one of the Team’s heavy-hitters, Perun can always put E.C.T.O.’s Power Up supply to good use. Sabotage can use her Smoke Multipurpose Grenade to add Stealth to E.C.T.O., which coupled with Spectral can make him very hard to take down. Outside Supreme Alliance, Honorary Member makes E.C.T.O. a good Heavy Metal option; M.O.D.’s buffing Actions and Mini Hadron’s Repair complement him well.


If you would like to add E.C.T.O. to your Team, then you can find him here in the web-store (click for link).

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