Spotlight on Battlesuit 7

battlesuit-7Battlesuit 7 is a heavily armored hero who successfully combined previously failed research and technology to give himself Supreme-level capabilities.

A severely injured but fiercely patriotic engineer, John Cole went to work for ONR after the Second World War ended. His primary work was to archive failed Supreme-development projects. Cole managed to salvage and combine unique components from several different assignments to create a personal battlesuit, impressing his superiors. Ultimately it was deemed too expensive to mass produce additional units, so Cole was instead allowed to pilot the armor. The armor was modified numerous times over the years, with a renaming in each iteration, and the current version is known as Battlesuit 7.

battlesuit7_def-page-002Battlesuit 7 is very useful Supreme, benefiting from two profiles with a mix of Actions and Powers: in Defensive mode, he is a Tank, and in Offensive mode, a Blaster. In both modes Battlesuit 7 has Power Strike, inflicting Damage 2 as basic Effect (FX) and Damage 1 Extra Effect (EFX). Next is Barrage, a 6-inch range Indirect Attack (which doesn’t need Line of Sight), with Blast 3 and Damage 2 as FX, and Damage 1 or Stun as EFX. Finally, in Tank/Defense mode he has Bastion, a Combinable Action providing Self/Defend 1 as FX and Self/Power Up 1 as EFX, boosting his defensive die pool. In Blaster/Offense mode he exchanges Bastion for Tank Missile, an 8-inch range Projectile adding an extra die from his Role Power, and delivering a mighty Damage 3 and Stun as FX, and Damage 1 as EFX.

battlesuit7_off-page-002Battlesuit 7’s two modes make for an adaptable, hard-hitting, and durable Supreme, giving his player increased tactical flexibility. The change between modes is handled through Shapeshift and both share the Modular Transformation Power, allowing him a ‘free’ Shapeshift once per Round. Defense mode adds Armored, allowing Battlesuit 7 to use Defense instead of Agility as non-Trump. Offense mode offers Overload, which gives an option to increase his AP Limit to 5 in both modes at a cost of being Fatigued and Stunned.

In a Supreme Alliance Team, Spybreaker can remove Battlesuit 7’s Stunned Condition acquired from Overload by using his Alliance Assemble Action. Perun (Cold War version) can further boost Battlesuit 7’s formidable defensive die pool with Stormwall, while Sabotage can use Multipurpose Grenade to add defensive buffs to Battlesuit 7, perfect for guarding Objectives. Outside Supreme Alliance and relying on Honorary Member, Dead Eye can remove Stunned as a similar way to Spybreaker. Rook can stack his AP Limit bonus in a Coven Team, potentially unlocking AP Limit 6! Finally, C.O.R.E. Genghis Khan can remove Fatigue from Overload through Digital Speed.


If you want to add Battlesuit 7 to your Team, you can find him in the web-store here (click for link).

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