Spotlight on Harrier

harrierHarrier is a classic Supreme that has a lot to offer almost any Team line-up; mobile and surprisingly hard-hitting, she packs a (flying) punch!

A mutate from birth, Harriet Henderson later discovered that she was the sole successful product of a secret project to create super-soldiers. That revelation only followed tragedy however – the brutal murder of her parents after Harriet refused to be manipulated by an agent of the mysterious Sanguine into stealing a valuable painting. Things got rapidly worse as her entire life was erased from record. Desperate, as Harrier she confronted Sanguine in a fight to the death, only to learn later that he had survived their encounter. Today she is a lost soul, drifting through the shadowy world of Supremes.

harrier-page-002A level 1 Brawler, Harrier has Flight movement and simple but effective Actions. She has the basic Strike, a close combat Attack delivering a base Effect (FX) of Damage 1, with Damage 1 or Knockback 4 as Extra Effect (EFX) choices (helpful to remove models sitting on Objectives). Charm is a Combinable Instant Action offering Self/Defend 1 as FX and EFX; ideal if you think Harrier will be exposed to counterattacks after using Strike. Finally, she has Fly By, an Overrun with 6-inch range inflicting Damage 1 as FX, and Damage 1 or Fatigue as EFX. The Fatigue option is great for keeping Enemy models in place, mitigating Momentum and Bounding bonuses and allowing you to subsequently Target specific models with multiple Attackers.

Harrier’s Brawler Role bonus gets an extra boost from her High Ground bonus from Flight, meaning she will usually roll 3 dice on Attacks. This means she is best used aggressively with judicious selection of Targets (Level 1 Supremes except those on larger bases, and Minions are perfect Targets). This complements her personal Power which adds +1 AP to her Team’s pool each time an Enemy model is KO’ed; getting into protracted fights with high-HP models won’t earn additional AP very quickly, whereas a Fly By on a group of Minions can yield a fast return.

harrier-artHarrier delivers great utility for a lot of Team builds. Dead Eye, Dark Solar and Mysterious Man are natural choices for Leader as they can supply Power Up dice to enhance Harrier’s Actions, freeing her to make concerted and efficient Strike or Fly By Attacks. Xenobi’s long-range Taunting can be useful to bring models into threat range for a subsequent Harrier Attack. Harrier can add greater mobility to an A.R.C. force, and fill out numbers of Nature Supremes available for the Primate of Nature – Chosen of the Ape Spirit can give Harrier Strength and Defense 6, and Agility 7!


If you want to read Harrier’s story you can find it here (click for link).


If you think Harrier is just the supreme you need for your Team, you can find in the web-store here (click for link).

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