Spotlight on Chronin


Heavy Metal’s time-twisting scientist-swordswoman, Chronin seeks vengeance for the loss of her family while forging her own future.

When her parents and siblings were brutally killed by agents of the Jade Cult, strange powers were unlocked within the young girl later known as Chronin. Armed with the sword she took from the killer sent after her family, Chronin moved to Pulp City and today is a stalwart member of Heavy Metal, and a Hero admired around the world. All the while, the young scientist-Supreme seeks to both unlock the secrets of temporal manipulation and use that knowledge to stop the insidious reach of Green Emperor into Pulp City.

Chronin-page-002Although only a Level 1 Tank, Chronin can be surprisingly effective and durable, but that depends on timing in how she is played. Chronin’s only Attack is Flurry, a close combat Action with Damage 1 as its base Effect (FX). Flurry has no Damage as Extra Effect (EFX), instead the Flurry of Blows Special Effect allows Chronin to immediately repeat Flurry at no additional AP cost. With good die pooling and a little luck, for 1 AP Chronin can deliver several low-Damage Attacks. Supplementing this is Fast Forward, an Instant Action which buffs Chronin through Self/Attack as FX or EFX, with Self/Shift as another EFX option. Finally, Chronin has Time Shield, another Instant Action, providing Self/Defend 1 as both FX and EFX – great for sitting on Objectives or defending an ally with her Tank Power.

Chronin’s sole non-Role Power is Time Control. This allows her to combine any number of Actions within a single Activation, regardless of Action type. For example, she could Move twice to get into Base to Base with a Friendly model or claim an Objective, then use Time Shield three times to boost her defensive die pool. Alternately, she could Move to Attack (gaining from Momentum), use Fast Forward, then Flurry once or twice, and then Move away again. There are plenty of creative ways to use Time Control.

chronin-artHeavy Metal’s Chronin works superbly with M.O.D.; she can Activate first, then M.O.D. Activates through Roger, Wilco in the same Turn. Additionally, M.O.D.’s Utility Bot or Shields can further buff bonuses Chronin gains from her Instant Actions. Alternatively, Lady Cyburn can Attack an Enemy, then use Heaven’s On Fire to Activate Chronin, creating a potential three-Supreme Chain Activation with M.O.D.. C.O.R.E. Charlemagne’s Access Points add an extra defensive die, supplementing Chronin’s resilience. Nuclear Jones’ Atomic Boost can add an extra Attack die for Flurry. Finally, in a The Way Team, White Tiger provides +1 die to all Flurry Actions.


You can read the full story (so far!) of Chronin here (click for link).


If you want to include Chronin in your Team you can find her in the web-store here (click for link).

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