November 2016 Releases Final Reminder

Nov2016WStextFinal reminder that the launch price for the November 2016 wave ends Friday January 20th!

The launch price applies to the new Twilight, Spybreaker, Sabotage, E.C.T.O., Aquanaut, Battlesuit 7 and Bramble. You can find them in the web-store (here).


And while we are at it, a hint of things to come very soon…..













Spotlight on V.H.

vhThe relentless leader of the Blood Watch, V.H. is a powerful combatant who specialises in creating potent die pools for her Team.

Orphaned following a savage attack on her family, Victoria van Helsing was taken in and trained by the Order of the Forge to become the ultimate hunter of fiends. After many years of preparation she was finally ready to hunt her family’s killer. That quest eventually brought her to Pulp City where she gathered together the latest incarnation of the Blood Watch. Her quarry has so far eluded justice at V.H.’s sword. Soon a reckoning will come, and vengeance will be V.H.’s.

vh-page-002V.H. is a Level 3 Leader, offering distinctive abilities. Firstly, her main Combat Action, Power Lunge, uses her excellent Agility value of 6 against Defense. Power Lunge is a close combat Attack with Damage 2 as its basic Effect (FX), and Damage 1 as sole Extra Effect (EFX) choice. Warding is next, a debuffing melee Action, offering a combined FX suite of Stun, Power Down 3 and Hinder, with Self/ Power Up 1 as EFX; Hinder is a Special Effect which negates the Target’s Role Power (except Leaders), especially useful against Tanks and Speeders. Finally, The Hunter is a Combinable Projectile Action with 6 inch range, with Master Hunter as FX and Follow Up as EFX; Master Hunter is another Special Effect, allowing V.H. to generate EFX on a 4+ for subsequent Action Rolls against the Target until the following Effects Phase, much like a Powerhouse.

Blood Of The Hunter is V.H.’s first Power, allowing her to win tied Action Rolls against Villain Supremes. Next is Exorcism, granting +1 die to Friendly Supremes when Attacking NonLiving and Outsider models (very useful if facing Necroplane, Forgotten, or to a lesser extent Coven). Her final Power is Hunter Training, which ensures V.H. always rolls a minimum of 3 dice as Attacker for Action Rolls, which applies to all her Actions. This gives her excellent protection against Suppress and makes her less reliant on Attack or Power Up bonuses than most Leaders.

fcl_bloodwatch-page-001 As with other Leaders, V.H. is able to choose Leader Cards. You can use these cards to enhance your Supremes or cover options you think your Team needs. In addition, if she is part of an all-Blood Watch Team she gains the Night Stalkers Faction card. Unusually, this card allows the player a choice of bonus, as +2 dice to all Attacks or +2 dice to all rolls as Defender for a Round. Since Blood Watch has some excellent buffs through V.H., Blacksmith and Red Riding Hoodoo, this can create some very powerful die pools which can catch your opponent off-guard. Consider using the Ultimate Warrior and Adrenaline Surge Leader cards, especially in conjunction with Night Stalkers.

V.H.’s Leader Card choices offer excellent synergies with the abilities of Blacksmith and Red Riding Hoodoo, providing excellent boosts to a whole Blood Watch Team. Blood Rose and Moon Coyote are both great Supremes to get V.H. into the thick of battle. If you are facing a Team with a lot of Outsider or NonLiving Supremes, then Six Feet Under’s Dust To Dust will be more likely to trigger thanks to V.H.’s extra die from Exorcism. If you feel her Team needs a harder-hitting Infiltrator, you can use Honorary Member to recruit Bigfoot. Finally, Red Bella’s Idol Points work well with Master Hunter and Hunter Training, allowing V.H. to reroll dice to try and trigger EFX.


If you would like to read more of V.H.’s story, you can find it here (click for link).


If you would like to build a Team using V.H. you can find her in the web-store here (click for link).

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Spotlight on Rosie ‘Baby’ Rude

rosie-rudeRosie is a Powerhouse, and as a Powerhouse she is a big model who packs a lot of punch for any Team taking her!

Rosie ‘Baby’ Rude’s physiology was transformed by mutagenic fallout from the Fall. With Heavy Metal’s help, this giantess was able control the new energy coursing within her body, and has adapted to the changes it has brought her. The epitome of girl-power, Rosie is now the city’s busiest construction worker, using her size and superhuman strength to repair the damage wreaked on the skyline by Supreme conflicts, while battling alongside the city’s heroes in times of need. Whenever the call of Dead Eye goes out, Rosie steps up to the plate as she strives to protect her home, Pulp City.

rosie-baby-rude-page-002A Level 3 Powerhouse, Rosie is a hard-hitting model in keeping with her Role. Her Actions are all combat-focused and her various basic Effect (FX) and Extra Effect (EFX) options deliver the game’s furthest potential Knockback. Costing 2 AP, Batter Up! is a close combat Action inflicting Damage 1 and Knockback 4 as FX, with either Damage 1 or Knockback 5 as EFX. Wild Swing is similar but is a Pulse with 2-inch range, inflicting an amazing Damage 2 and Knockback 3 as FX, Damage 1 and Knockback 3 as EFX, for 3 AP. Finally, Steel Glove is an Instant (IST) Action which adds Self/Attack 1 as FX and EFX for 1 AP, and can maximize her EFX with Batter Up! and Wild Swing.

Rosie’s first Power (Girl power) adds 1 extra die per point of Strength the Target has above 5. This makes her ideal for taking on other Powerhouses or very strong models such Supreme Zed, Wonder Wight or Hellsmith. Her other Powers grant Rosie Immunity to Displacement Effects, Fatigue (only from the Actions of others, not Rosie’s own Actions) and Stun (except if Burdened). This allows Rosie to either stay in place or remain mobile for Objective grabbing and holding, as well as minimizing Enemies’ non-Damaging Effects used against her.

newbabyrude1aRosie is excellent with Dead Eye as they can safely sit on Objectives soaking up whatever hits them. Consider her with Slug Muldoon: firstly, Slug Fatigues and Stuns a model using Tangle Wire (preferably a model which has already move) then Rosie attacks the vulnerable Target. Tekkna can supply Power Up and AP. Crimson Oni can use Flight of the Phoenix increasing Rosie’s mobility. Finally, use Honorary Member to take Rosie with Coven; Rook can increase her AP Limit, allowing more Action choices – two uses of Batter Up! with Steel Glove, or Batter Up! and Wild Swing in one Round.


To learn more about Rosie’s story you can read about it here (click for link).


If Rosie packs the power your Team needs, you can find her in the web-store here (click for link)

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Spotlight on Harrier

harrierHarrier is a classic Supreme that has a lot to offer almost any Team line-up; mobile and surprisingly hard-hitting, she packs a (flying) punch!

A mutate from birth, Harriet Henderson later discovered that she was the sole successful product of a secret project to create super-soldiers. That revelation only followed tragedy however – the brutal murder of her parents after Harriet refused to be manipulated by an agent of the mysterious Sanguine into stealing a valuable painting. Things got rapidly worse as her entire life was erased from record. Desperate, as Harrier she confronted Sanguine in a fight to the death, only to learn later that he had survived their encounter. Today she is a lost soul, drifting through the shadowy world of Supremes.

harrier-page-002A level 1 Brawler, Harrier has Flight movement and simple but effective Actions. She has the basic Strike, a close combat Attack delivering a base Effect (FX) of Damage 1, with Damage 1 or Knockback 4 as Extra Effect (EFX) choices (helpful to remove models sitting on Objectives). Charm is a Combinable Instant Action offering Self/Defend 1 as FX and EFX; ideal if you think Harrier will be exposed to counterattacks after using Strike. Finally, she has Fly By, an Overrun with 6-inch range inflicting Damage 1 as FX, and Damage 1 or Fatigue as EFX. The Fatigue option is great for keeping Enemy models in place, mitigating Momentum and Bounding bonuses and allowing you to subsequently Target specific models with multiple Attackers.

Harrier’s Brawler Role bonus gets an extra boost from her High Ground bonus from Flight, meaning she will usually roll 3 dice on Attacks. This means she is best used aggressively with judicious selection of Targets (Level 1 Supremes except those on larger bases, and Minions are perfect Targets). This complements her personal Power which adds +1 AP to her Team’s pool each time an Enemy model is KO’ed; getting into protracted fights with high-HP models won’t earn additional AP very quickly, whereas a Fly By on a group of Minions can yield a fast return.

harrier-artHarrier delivers great utility for a lot of Team builds. Dead Eye, Dark Solar and Mysterious Man are natural choices for Leader as they can supply Power Up dice to enhance Harrier’s Actions, freeing her to make concerted and efficient Strike or Fly By Attacks. Xenobi’s long-range Taunting can be useful to bring models into threat range for a subsequent Harrier Attack. Harrier can add greater mobility to an A.R.C. force, and fill out numbers of Nature Supremes available for the Primate of Nature – Chosen of the Ape Spirit can give Harrier Strength and Defense 6, and Agility 7!


If you want to read Harrier’s story you can find it here (click for link).


If you think Harrier is just the supreme you need for your Team, you can find in the web-store here (click for link).

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Slug Muldoon – Monster Hunter!

slugmuldoonfinishedDo you want something new to read over the festive period? Well, we have just the thing for you – Slug Muldoon’s story posted up into the Heroes and Villains section of the web-site.


Learn why Slug came to Earth and what he has been getting up to since he arrived!


If you want to learn more, you can read Slug’s story here (click for link).

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Merry Christmas from Pulp Monsters!

xmas2016_lrMerry Christmas to Pulp City fans from everyone at Pulp Monsters!


Be sure to stay with us into 2017 for more Supreme action!

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Spotlight on Boreas

boreasBoreas is a Blaster specializing in manipulating scatter terrain for powerful attacks and board control.

The Demon of the Winds was one of the first Forgotten awakened in the new age, godlings of eons past reborn into a new age. While previously other isolated Forgotten were hunted down and returned to darkness as they emerged, in the late twentieth century they reappeared in greater numbers under Stygian’s guidance. Boreas’ return to the mortal realm was heralded by pain and death. Stygian soon realized that linked to a human host, the returned wind-demon could be anchored to the Earthly plane as an important agent of destruction, and Boreas has tormented Pulp City ever since.

boreas-page-002Boreas is a Level 2 Blaster, but one that offers area denial through his Actions. Whirlwind is a cheap (1 AP) Projectile Attack with 6 inch range offering debuff through Suppress 1 as base Effect (FX), and choices of Fatigue, Stun or Suppress 1 as Extra Effects (EFX). Next is Gale, Boreas’ primary Attack, a Throw (THR) with 8-inch range inflicting Damage 1 as FX, and Damage 1, Knockback 4 or Stun as EFX. As a Throw, Gale needs Objects to hand, but Boreas’ Host Power helps out here (see below). His final Action is Blood Wind, a big Pulse (6 inch radius from Boreas’ base) dealing Damage 1 and Shift 4 together as FX, and Damage 1 or Stun as EFX.

Demon Of The Winds is a simple Power, granting Boreas both Immunity to Displacement Effects (useful for guarding Objectives), but also Strong versus Flight. Host allows Boreas to use Gale on Objects up to 6 inches away, measuring range to the Target from his base. This creates a large zone of opportunity for Gale. With the Shift FX of Blood Wind, Fatigue EFX from Whirlwind, Knockback EFX from Gale, and Stun EFX from all three Actions, Boreas has a lot of options for area control, supplemented by Host freeing him up with Object missiles from over a wide area.

Boreas artBoreas offers excellent board control for Forgotten Teams. Stygian’s Gaze of the Gorgon offers excellent synergy with Blood Wind, as Shifted models will not be able to reposition in the same Round. Hellsmith’s Earthquake offers Fatigue as an EFX, complementing Whirlwind, isolating models and rendering them unable to move if subjected to both. Whirlwind stacks with Mr. Kraken’s Malevolence debuffs. Beyond Forgotten Teams, 100 Voices’ Terrible Voices or Green Emperor’s Dragon Coil also combine well with Whirlwind. Finally, Seabolt’s Go With The Flow offers Shift as FX, so works effectively with Blood Wind to move Enemy models away from Objectives.


To read more about Boreas’ return to the mortal realm go here (click for link).


If you want to add Boreas to your collection, you can find him in the web-store here (click for link).

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Spotlight on Battlesuit 7

battlesuit-7Battlesuit 7 is a heavily armored hero who successfully combined previously failed research and technology to give himself Supreme-level capabilities.

A severely injured but fiercely patriotic engineer, John Cole went to work for ONR after the Second World War ended. His primary work was to archive failed Supreme-development projects. Cole managed to salvage and combine unique components from several different assignments to create a personal battlesuit, impressing his superiors. Ultimately it was deemed too expensive to mass produce additional units, so Cole was instead allowed to pilot the armor. The armor was modified numerous times over the years, with a renaming in each iteration, and the current version is known as Battlesuit 7.

battlesuit7_def-page-002Battlesuit 7 is very useful Supreme, benefiting from two profiles with a mix of Actions and Powers: in Defensive mode, he is a Tank, and in Offensive mode, a Blaster. In both modes Battlesuit 7 has Power Strike, inflicting Damage 2 as basic Effect (FX) and Damage 1 Extra Effect (EFX). Next is Barrage, a 6-inch range Indirect Attack (which doesn’t need Line of Sight), with Blast 3 and Damage 2 as FX, and Damage 1 or Stun as EFX. Finally, in Tank/Defense mode he has Bastion, a Combinable Action providing Self/Defend 1 as FX and Self/Power Up 1 as EFX, boosting his defensive die pool. In Blaster/Offense mode he exchanges Bastion for Tank Missile, an 8-inch range Projectile adding an extra die from his Role Power, and delivering a mighty Damage 3 and Stun as FX, and Damage 1 as EFX.

battlesuit7_off-page-002Battlesuit 7’s two modes make for an adaptable, hard-hitting, and durable Supreme, giving his player increased tactical flexibility. The change between modes is handled through Shapeshift and both share the Modular Transformation Power, allowing him a ‘free’ Shapeshift once per Round. Defense mode adds Armored, allowing Battlesuit 7 to use Defense instead of Agility as non-Trump. Offense mode offers Overload, which gives an option to increase his AP Limit to 5 in both modes at a cost of being Fatigued and Stunned.

In a Supreme Alliance Team, Spybreaker can remove Battlesuit 7’s Stunned Condition acquired from Overload by using his Alliance Assemble Action. Perun (Cold War version) can further boost Battlesuit 7’s formidable defensive die pool with Stormwall, while Sabotage can use Multipurpose Grenade to add defensive buffs to Battlesuit 7, perfect for guarding Objectives. Outside Supreme Alliance and relying on Honorary Member, Dead Eye can remove Stunned as a similar way to Spybreaker. Rook can stack his AP Limit bonus in a Coven Team, potentially unlocking AP Limit 6! Finally, C.O.R.E. Genghis Khan can remove Fatigue from Overload through Digital Speed.


If you want to add Battlesuit 7 to your Team, you can find him in the web-store here (click for link).

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Spotlight on Bramble

sgx-1-brambleThis is the second of our Supreme Genesis Spotlights, focusing this time around on Andrew Campbell’s fierce forest warrior – nature’s avenger, Bramble.

Deep within Settler’s Green’s wild wood, Supremes gather. Heeding the Heartwood’s call, a slender female known as Bramble is one such who has responded. Bark and leaves intertwined into a humanoid form, foliage forges Bramble’s armor, weapons, and clothing. Joining the growing numbers inhabiting Settler’s Green, Bramble is an avenging spirit fighting for nature and opposing the spread of technology. Bramble’s links to Father Oak and Acorn, and mysterious Mother are not clear. But on occasion she has been seen around the city accompanying other Supremes unconnected to Settler’s Green.

bramble-page-002cropLike other Level 2 Infiltrators, Bramble generates enough AP to meet her own AP Limit, making her an excellent choice for almost any Team. Her first Action is Greenwood Arrow, a 6-inch range Projectile. Utilizing Bramble’s impressive Trump Agility 6, this Action inflicts Damage 1 and Stun as basic Effects (FX), and Damage 1 as Extra Effect (EFX). Next is Green Shade, an Aura creating a zone where Friendly models gain Stealth, ideal to shelter fast models able to move rapidly up the board. Bramble’s final Action is Little Children which allows her to Summon multiple Ash Trees; these provide a +1 die defensive bonus to Friendly models, and as Structures they can offer Cover bonuses if models are well-positioned.

Born From The Green is Bramble’s first Power; with this she is Fatigued and then she is placed in Base to Base (BtB) with an Ash Tree anywhere on the board (although dropping anything she is Burdened with); this can catch opposing models by surprise and allows fast redeployment to claim Objectives. Her second Power is Deep Roots which adds +2 dice to Bramble’s Greenwood Arrow Action if she is in BtB with an Ash Tree – this makes early use of Little Children very important to offer Bramble plenty of choices for movement as well as dice bonuses.

pc-bramblelrBramble naturally works well in a Settler’s Green Team, along with Father Oak, Acorn and future releases, as they benefit from her Ash Tree defensive bonus. As a Freelancer she profits from Dead Eye’s Power Up assistance and Chain Activations. Dark Solar is an excellent Leader option who can potentially supply a tremendous amount of Power Up dice through a game. Pair Bramble with Bigfoot for a very hard-hitting flanking force; she can also protect her ally through Green Shade. Use Honorary Member to take Bramble in a Nature-focused Ulthar Team to grant them defensive buffs through her Ash Trees.


If you think that Bramble can enhance your Team, then you can find her here in the web-store (click for link).

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Spotlight on Sabotage

sabotageSabotage is a Support Supreme able to handle herself in combat, making her an ideal choice for many Teams.

OSS-trained, Collette Moreau (code-named Sabotage) was a teenage Resistance fighter whose actions continuously hampered the Axis powers. Few would believe that one young woman could have been responsible for all the top-secret missions she successfully completed. When the war ended, Colette emigrated to the USA. Her citizenship was expedited in exchange for her joining the nascent CIA, becoming a top field agent. Her prior work in counter-espionage had ensured the success of the Llusk-Van Beek project, and this coupled with her successes as a CIA operative led Spybreaker to recruit Sabotage to his group.

sabotage-page-002Sabotage’s Actions offer various Attacks and buffing Effects. Precision Shot is a typical Projectile with Damage 1 as base Effect (FX) for 2 AP, until you get to its Extra Effects (EFX): Stun, Knockback 2 or Power Down 2 – ideal for debuffing a Target or removing them from scoring for Plots/Agendas. Neural Scrambler is also a Projectile, delivering a Special Effect which limits the Target to rolling 1 die for Mind or Spirit rolls until the Round ends and the next Starting Roll; great against who bring a Starting Roll bonus, or against Factions such as Necroplane and Forgotten. Finally, Multipurpose Grenade creates a buffing zone, with one of three Effects which can be chosen by Sabotage’s player to grant Stealth, Power Up, or Heal.

Sabotage’s first Power is Saboteur; this generates AP for her Team’s Pool equal to the first AP expenditure by the opposing player each Round. This will often be 1 or 2 AP, buts just as importantly it may delay your opponent using a powerful and expensive (AP 3 or 4) Action as his/her opening gambit in a Round. Her second Power is Intel which limits Enemy models to only using no more than 3 dice when Targeting Sabotage; this adds to Sabotage’s durability meaning she can be very hard to take down.

sabotagelrBattlesuit 7 can really benefit from Stealth through Sabotage’s Multipurpose Grenade (Smoke) if sitting on an Objective/scoring area, and similarly Arquero shooting from the backfield. Use Sabotage’s Multipurpose Grenade (Stim) along with E.C.T.O.’s Improved Analysis to quickly load most of your team with Power Up dice. Perun’s (Cold War Special Card) Stormwall can boost Sabotage’s defensive die pool to synergize with the cap on Attack dice against her. Sabotage can be useful in other Factions besides Supreme Alliance; in A.R.C. with Honorary Member, the Primate of Science can boost with Chosen of the Ape Spirit, hugely complementing her Intel Power.


If you would like to add Sabotage to your Team, you can find her in the web-store here (click for link).

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