Blood Watch

Heroes & Villains-Blood-WatchThe threat of the supernatural is at its highest in many years. With the resurgence of the Forgotten and increased activity of the Coven, this elite team of hunters has their hands full. It is an organization having growing pains: what used to be an alliance of friends bound by demon blood and ichor spilt, now is a team that requires strong leadership and role division.

Blood Watch draws the oddities of this world. What other team would recruit their sworn enemies and creatures of the night like warlocks, vampires, or were-creatures?

V.H.’s leadership is still strong, even if not at all refined, but with the team’s growing numbers, the need for other charismatic Supremes arises. Supernatural fiends of the universe know that while Blood Watch is still the only group able to mess up their plans, it will take only a couple of surgical strikes at its key members to render them under-powered and disorganized.

Blood Watch is currently looking into forming two teams able to work independently when and where required. Their prime recruitment goals are white magicians, teleporters and field leaders.