Mourn (Villain)

Code-name: Mourn

Full Name: Unknown

Faction: Necroplane

Blacksmith’s voice was gruff as ever as he continued the education of Youngblood, Blood Watch’s newest recruit. Youngblood was absent-mindedly playing with the warding charm around his neck, and Blacksmith gently patted the youngling vampire’s hand, both to capture his attention and to stop him weakening the wards bound within.

First off lad, some gruesome facts about the Necroplane; that evil realm of existence that neighbors our world is a horrid parallel of the reality we know. Everything, starting with the landscape, is twisted as if some macabre visionary succeeded in translating his nightmare into a material world – even Hieronymus Bosch would be impressed.

The same applies to Necroplane’s Supremes. To join the ranks of the scourge or the Necroplan’es other Supreme agents, most of them were super-sinners in life, earning enough favor from the Lords of Necropolis to be granted supernatural powers.

Mourn’s true name was never known, as far as we can tell, though some claim he used to be a blood-thirsty dictator in a remote country. He ended up in the bowels of Hellrock Prison under charges of genocide.

On the walls of his cell were hung the flayed skins of all of his victims. They tormented Mourn past the limits of sanity, chattering, whispering and shouting curses at him. Each day, each waking moment was filled with their relentless mind-breaking babble.

At last, after two years, silence finally descended. The door to his prison-cell burst open and what was left of Mourn’s mortal body walked out of the cell, shrouded in a moving cloak of shifting, howling faces. When the prison’s guards tried to stop him, the tortured souls embedded in the living fabric of his cloak clawed at them, shattering their bones, their screaming unhinging the guards’ sanity.

Only one mortal witnessed Mourn’s rebirth. In a nearby cell was chained Six Feet Under, our hulking giant who somehow managed to escape Hellrock on that same fateful day as Mourn did.

Six Feet Under reported that Mourn was granted the powers of a malign spirit, a baen sidhe. After a few encounters we think that actually Mourn is a host of several baen sidhe, acting like a beacon that transmits and directs their destructive cries. We think that their minds are a collective that directs Mourn’s activities. The souls in the cape most often have contradictory ideas, arguing and screaming among themselves, so that the flying Villain rarely acts in a predictable way. He may look weak, but he is dangerous.

Mourn seldom speaks; he hisses few words and more often lets his cape of souls speak for him. His arrival is heralded by thousands of whispers, building to a crescendo as Mourn floats like a huge airborne manta above the field of battle. He then selects and closes on his prey and lets loose an unearthly scream, the mourning song of his past victims.

So be warned, lad. Mourn is a threat that should not be underestimated, and if we can free his victims’ souls, then all the better.

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