Nuke (Villain)

Code-name: Nuke

Full Name: unknown

Faction: none

<From the Channel 4 archives>
June Summers began her report, talking straight to camera, discussing yet another Supreme rampage as smoke drifted up off ruins behind her.

Nuke’s origin is a mystery. Rumors abound, ranging from him being a mutated American soldier from nuclear tests in the 1950’s (the least credible) to a radioactive monster created and controlled by the Mysterious Man on a mission of vengeance (most credible because its source is Gentleman, and he generally knows about things like this). Only this much is clear, his name came from the Pulp City Planet’s reports on thefts at military installations.

About two years ago, Pulp City was hit by a series of raids on military laboratories and warehouses. Prototype weapons and chip-sets disappeared and never resurfaced. The only clue about the thief was the atomic bomb equivalent levels of radiation contaminating the bases that were attacked. So the Planet dubbed the thief ‘Nuke’. Not one of these stolen pieces was ever tracked down by customs or federal agencies, so many believed they were still somewhere around Pulp City. The speculation about what kind of nefarious purpose they were being used for fueled wilder and wilder rumors.

After the fourth raid, military authorities asked two defenders of Pulp City, Iron Train and Chronin, to help stop the madness. They set an ambush. The Heroes went to guard a prototype of mechanized infantry armor in the military base in the desert beyond the north of the city.

Around midnight, a massive electro-magnetic pulse fried most of the scanners and sensors. The heroic duo jumped out of hiding to face the unknown threat. They saw a glowing, human-like form clad in steel armor who welcomed them with two massive blasts of greenish energy. Deflecting the attack with her sword, Chronin jumped at Nuke and managed to slice its chest plate with her sharp-as-a-razor blade. The creature’s body expanded beyond its limits, and the heroine was sent flying as Nuke disappeared in blinding flash. Various Heroes encountered Nuke a few more times since then, but with no more success than Iron Train and Chronin had in stopping him.

The arrival of Nuke is usually heralded by a massive surge in local radiation levels and the jamming of electronic devices. The creature never speaks but it is folly to doubt Nuke’s intelligence. Just stare into his eyes to see the maniacal mind behind those burning pools of plasma. This nuclear –powered Supreme uses a whole variety of radioactive blasts and rays, but Nuke is not invincible. When wounded or enraged, its body loses stability and the human-like form. Moreover, Nuke is known to have disappeared from the battlefield when the odds are bad. Discretion is the better part of valor, as they say.

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