Jade Cult

Heroes & Villains-Jade-CultThe Jade Cult is thriving under the current Green Emperor and has established a strong base in Little Asia. Able to call on its Terror Cotta Warriors and Ninjas, the Green Emperor knows he must gather additional recruits.

The Jade Cult is largely drawn from three sources. Agents are from the ranks of its Ninjas, Oni allies, and its growing army of Terror Cotta Warriors. The Green Emperor is the uncontested master of the Jade Cult; all of its operations follow his implacable will. It has been thus through countless reincarnations.


The Jade Cult has sets its sights firmly on Pulp City with a secret base of operations in Little Asia. Dozens of Terror Cotta Warriors have been covertly shipped into the city, and the Jade Cult Ninjas have been systemically gathering intelligence as Green Emperor proceeds with his plans. This incarnation of the Green Emperor believes the key to fully undoing his cycle of pre-ordained destruction at the hands of the White Tiger and the Crimson Phoenix is inextricably linked to the city.

However, in the shadows the Green Serpent bides her time. Her father has broken the cycle of the four Shinji, and she now believes that will enable her to take the power of the Dragon for herself.