Father Oak & Acorn (Hero/Villain)

oakandacornCode-names: Father Oak & Acorn

Full Name: William Oakland & Acorn

Faction: Settler’s Green

William Oakland spent his childhood in and around Pulp City’s Settlers Park. It was the only place in the whole city he felt at home. His days were spent climbing trees and playing hide and seek in the bushes. He would often help the gardeners to plant flowers and tend to things around the park. Nothing upset young William more than watching people litter and defile his beloved park.

acorn-page-001His love of the trees and flowers never faded as he grew up. After high school he got a job working for Pulp City Parks and Recreation. For the next twenty five years William took care of his beloved park. It was widely rumored that he slept under the trees more than he did at home. He was often seen talking to the various trees and bushes as he tended them. No one seemed to mind though as his work was always done.

Things went bad for William when Royal Investments, backed by some sleazy city councilmen, bought out Settlers Park. William found himself without a job and with his park in danger of becoming another high-rise office complex. William became insane with grief and despair over the news.

acorn-page-002Late at night William screamed his rage and fear into the night clawing at his own skin in his madness. From the darkness a voice called to him from the tallest and most ancient oak tree in the park. William knew this tree, it was the Heartwood, the soul of the park and it spoke to him. William followed the soft green voice and disappeared into the ancient tree for three long weeks.

When at last William Oak emerged he had changed. His legs were long and bark covered, with toes like tree roots. His arms seemed a mass of leafy branches or vines that stretched to incredible length. He had super human strength and stamina. More than that, he could command plants and the very earth itself to do his bidding. Finally William Oak felt complete. He had a purpose and the power to do what needed to be done. Covering himself in a simple homespun robe, William Oak was no more. Father Oak was ready to take back the land and defend it against all interlopers.

fatheroak-page-001Royal Investments was poised to break ground on the new office site that same morning. They had in attendance members of local and state government and a large crowd. Father Oak burst from the park during the speeches, scattering the assembled crowd. In the process he destroyed several bulldozers and other construction equipment. After this he claimed that any person entering his park and threatening the welfare of his children would be punished. His claim that the trees were his children earned him the name Father Oak.

Since then Father Oak has continued to protect Settler’s Park and other natural sites throughout the city. Royal Investments realized that the risk of developing Settlers Park was simply not financially sound; Father Oak has cost them too much in equipment and manpower over the years. He has even managed to foil any Supremes that have threatened his land.

fatheroak-page-002Many people have flocked to join Father Oak in his back to nature approach. A gathering of hippies, both young and old, now resides in Settlers Park. These folk dubbed Tree Huggers by the populace are almost as much of a menace as Father Oak himself. The Tree Huggers spend their time tending the trees and planting simple gardens shepherded by Father Oak. They live off the land and in peace with the land. They welcome any who would join them. Supremes have also begun to answer a call, and a new Faction appears to be emerging which has been called by some ‘Settler’s Green’.

Eighteen months after Father Oak first appeared in Pulp City the Heartwood tree called to him once more. Following the trail of the voice again, the great tree yielded up to him a small child. This was Acorn, the daughter of Father Oak and the mysterious Mother, or so he claims. Father Oak takes great pride in his Acorn and will go to any lengths to protect the child. The child of Father Oak and Mother is a fey and innocent seeming girl of around seven years of age. Though she has been in Pulp City for several years she has not appeared to age. She wears simple colorful dresses and is often barefooted. She has deep green hair and flowers seem to be woven into, or perhaps growing from it at all times.

fatheroak-artAcorn is a curious, friendly and outgoing young child. She has a control over plants and the earth that rivals that of her father. Her cheers give Father Oak greater strength, and her temper has leveled buildings. Certain agencies have attempted to study Acorn but any such attempt raises Father Oak’s wrath. In one famous case the Department of Child Services attempted to take Acorn from the park sparking a major civic uprising. The Tree Huggers marched on city call en masse. When that failed to see her returned, Father Oak began tearing up downtown. This sparked a major encounter with members of Heavy Metal. Ultimately it was Acorn herself who decided it was time to return to the park. She destroyed the top floor of the Department of Child Services when a large pine grove suddenly grew up around her. She then skipped down the street and jumped into her father’s arms. The whole mob left the downtown area as quickly as they had come.

Father Oak will defend any park or natural resource. He has on several occasions gone on rampages in the downtown area. Seeking as he says to destroy the machinery that threatens the earth. Pulp City’s heroes have always managed to chase him back to his park with minimal loss of property. Other times Father Oak or Acorn have come to warn the people of Pulp City of impending danger. Father Oak is an unstable but powerful ally and will do anything to protect Acorn or the Green places of Pulp City.

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