The Way

Heroes & Villains-The-WayThe Way occupies a curious place in Pulp City’s pantheon of Supreme Teams. Where Heavy Metal and Blood Watch are strongly recognizable alliances of Supremes who work together regularly, in the public spotlight or from the shadows, the Supremes of The Way are a loose amalgamation, representing myriad philosophies and motivations, but drawn together with common purpose.

The Way chiefly operates out of Little Asia, initially focused on stopping the encroachment of the Jade Cult into the area. Since the Fall, The Way has taken on a more wide-ranging role. Nonetheless, the Jade Cult remains a priority, and undoing the threat of the Green Emperor may be achieved through unlocking the diminished power of the Phoenix, although what that would mean for Crimson Oni is far from certain.
White Tiger’s leadership is still nascent, as she seeks to forge a collection of Supremes from opposing sides of the ongoing Supreme conflict into a secret band of defenders. She wants to protect the city against esoteric threats that escape the vigilance of its better known guardians.