Heroes & Villains-UltharThe remains of the Ulthar Patriaship having crashed into the bay just outside of Pulp City leaves the Ulthar desperate. Cut off from the rest of their race, these Ulthar outcasts will play a major role in shaping the future of Pulp City.
In order to survive the Ulthar are forming more alliances with Pulp City’s Villains. Trade with Mysterious Man is the most promising and seems to incur the least risk. The Coven’s move towards more overt action makes them an easy choice for an alliance.


Necroplane technology has Ulthar engineers intrigued. The idea of adapting their necrotic generators to restore the Patriaship’s depleted energy is looking more promising.


Ra’Leigh and his loyal Ulthar are stranded on Earth. Their crippled Patriaship has become the base for the Warlord and his crew, with little option for reinforcements. Thus far, only a limited part of the crew has been deployed in ground operations, but Ra’Leigh accepts that times have changed.