Heroes & Villains-ARCThe A.R.C.’s apes are creatures of chaos and want to exploit the current situation to the fullest. They are also their own biggest enemies, with constant leadership struggles, and the A.R.C. is facing a certain division. The dividing line runs clearly along that of their origins. Guerilla and the more primal apes and monkeys believe that only through physical prowess and destruction will their survival be ensured. They have no ulterior motivation – just the supremacy of the strong.

Those members most closely associated with science follow a middle path – learning as much about the world as possible and brokering their power. They want to become dependable and less prone to animalistic outburst as this is the only way to guarantee a steady cash flow from prospective employers. Red Bella and her little coven are true believers to the ancient teachings of the monkey prophets, and they want to reunite all Awakened primates and build a great society. Their pursuit of all-things-mystical and current Awakenings worldwide leaves them blind to what is happening in Pulp City.

It is hard to assess how this situation will end. This division of A.R.C. power is certainly making some other players in the greater game very happy.