Spotlight on Tekkna


The last of a lost bloodline of techno-sorcerers, Tekkna is one of the more recent Supreme arrivals in Pulp City, added as part of the new Hero Starter Set.

Erika Mitros has journeyed to Pulp City from her native Greece in search of leads on those responsible for ordering her mentor’s murder. A novice but powerful hero, she is still coming to terms with her destiny and inner might. A descendant of the great Daedalus himself, her power to control Mekkana is unmatched by any living being. Her only true rival is Hellsmith, whose forge has created countless monsters using the arts of Mekkana. Tekkna now seeks allies to rid the world of Hellsmith and his Forgotten allies.

Tekkna-page-002Tekkna is a Level 2 Support, specializing in combating Mechanical Supremes. Don’t let that stop you from taking her in your Team though, as she brings some exceptional abilities and support buffs. Her go-to Action is Shields of Daedalus, a 6 inch radius Aura offering Defend 1 as basic Effect (FX) and Extra Effect (EFX) to Friendly models. Next is Secret Verse of Mekkana, a cheap AP 1 Combinable Indirect Action. This grants the Targeted model Power Up 1 as Effect (FX), with EFX of Power Up 1 or Self/Power Up 1. Finally, her only Combat Action is Curse of Hephaestus, an Indirect attack with 6 inch range that is Strong against Mechanical Models, which causes Damage 1 and Stun as FX, and Damage 1 as EFX.

Tekkna’s Techno-Sorcery Power grants her a free Power Up die during her first Activation each Round. Her Cult of Mekkana Power gives her +1 die when Defending against Enemy Mechanical models. With these, and without the need for line of sight for her Actions, coupled with Tekkna’s Blink movement type, feel free to keep Tekkna away from direct fighting. Use her free Power Up dice to bolster her Action Rolls, almost ensuring you succeed with Shields of Daedalus or Secret Verse of Mekkana. Blink can also help her to score Agenda Points and stay close enough to her allies to maximize her Support Role Power.

tekknaTekkna is an easy to use Support who brings a lot of utility through her Actions. Dead Eye is a natural Leader to pair her with, as you can use his Chain Activation to Attack or use Walk It Off (removing Stun from a vulnerable ally) then set up Tekkna’s Aura in the same Turn. Include Tekkna in a Blood Watch Team with V.H. using Honorary Member; Blacksmith and Red Riding Hoodoo’s Defend buffs complement Tekkna’s Aura really well. Finally, Stone Hawk is a good Tank choice as his Redemption Power can pull him to Tekkna, while stacking her Defend Aura dice onto his own defensive pool.


To read more about Tekkna’s journey to Pulp City, follow this link (click for link).


If you want to add Tekkna to your Team, then you can find her in the web-store here (click for link).

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