Preview: Deadliner!

Continuing build-up for Pulp City Full Effect to launch sometime in 2021, we are previewing the long awaited Deadliner, the Necroplane’s undead gangster!

Previews: Amduat & Zero

As we prepare for Pulp City Full Effect sometime in 2021, we will profile the upcoming Supremes for Full Effect in more detail – well, to get us off to a strong start we will show two characters this week, working from A to Z!

You may have already seen the Amduat’s sculpt, but Zero has only just been finished, and now you get to feast your eyes on the Coven’s long awaited long-range assassin!


New Plot: Quantum Chaos

We have a new Plot for Pulp City games – Quantum Chaos. This is the first of several new plots we are working on the background, which could become Stretch goals for Pulp City Full Effect.


Quantum Chaos represents a Quantum Bomb being lost in the city, with its parts scattered over part of the metropolis. Teams race against each other and the 4 round time limit to gather the scattered bomb parts and Control the bomb itself!


It is time for your Supremes to heed the call or take their chance!


November 2016 Releases Final Reminder

Nov2016WStextFinal reminder that the launch price for the November 2016 wave ends Friday January 20th!

The launch price applies to the new Twilight, Spybreaker, Sabotage, E.C.T.O., Aquanaut, Battlesuit 7 and Bramble. You can find them in the web-store (here).


And while we are at it, a hint of things to come very soon…..













November New Releases

twilightnewThe November wave of new releases is here! This month we continue new releases as well as putting the first selection of Cold War minis into the web-store (all from the Supreme Alliance).

Web-store link

Twilight (new; Level 2, Coven and The Way) €8.00
Bramble (Level 2, Settler’s Green and Freelancer) €8.00
Spybreaker (Level 3, Supreme Alliance) €8.00
Aquanaut (Level 2, Supreme Alliance) €8.00
Battlesuit 7 (Level 2, Supreme Alliance) €8.00
E.C.T.O. (Level 2, Supreme Alliance) €8.00
Sabotage (Level 2, Supreme Alliance) €8.00

sateam3With this wave we are trying something new, recognising that recent changes around the world have affected our fans. Therefore, we are happy to launch this wave of minis at a temporarily reduced price – each at €8.00 instead of the usual €9.95. This offer will last until the next wave is released! 🙂

BONUS:  Pulp City fans can now pick up alt-cards for Chernobog, Perun (Cold War) and Sister Bedlam through the ‘Special Cards item on the store!

PREVIEW: E.C.T.O. (clear resin)

ECTO clear croppedWe are thrilled to show off the E.C.T.O. cast in clear resin, one of the amazing products that we could only make available thanks to the Cold War Kickstarter.


Very soon, Cold War pledges will be on their way to backers, including these super-cool clear resin E.C.T.O. models for those who ordered them. we will also be adding the Supreme Alliance and Red Republik products to the web-store in the weeks and months ahead, so be sure to look out for them!

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NEW RELEASES: Bigfoot & Pixels

Great news for Pulp Citizens – we have just added six new packs to the web-store. This sees Pulp City return to a more regular release schedule, and we will announce the planned calendar for further new releases soon – there will be some surprises, including the return of some familiar faces!



Bigfoot is a very hard-hitting Infiltrator; mounted on a 40 mm base and packing Trump Strength 6, he can wreak havoc with your foes and is an ideal addition to a Hero Team.




Pixels (which come as a pack of 3 Pixels and a Mega Pixel!) come in 5 different colours and are Exclusive Minions which start the game in play with Vector, who can then Summon extra Pixels if needed, replacing them almost as quickly as they are lost! They give bonuses depending on whether they are attached to a Friendly model (defensive bonus) or Enemy model (offensive bonus). In addition, 3 small Pixels can be combined to a single Mega Pixel, allowing Vector to then Summon up to two more Pixels!

allpixels-1000x563Pixels are available in the following colours (all minis in the pack are the same colour)


Look out for Spotlights on these characters very soon.

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Preview: Prisoner #176 Production

p176 frontOne of the new Supremes unleashed by the success of the Cold War Kickstarter is Prisoner #176, who comes as a one-piece body sculpt with two tentacle arm accessories.

When producing miniatures with awkward appendages, it is vital to balance out the coolness of the concept against future production and hobby assembly challenges.

The arms we created for Prisoner can be assembled in a very simple way. They fit snugly whichever way you decide to put them in (in the pictures, we didn’t use any glue – the final metal one may require glue because of the weight of the parts).

p176 backIf you would like to be more adventurous in the way you pose your own Prisoner #176, it should be simple enough to separate the arms with two swift cuts, reposing them any way you like.


Once Kickstarter fulfilment is complete we will be adding Prisoner #176 and the rest of the Red Republik and Supreme Alliance minis to the web-store, so be sure to keep an eye out for the new models when they arrive!

Baroque Sculpt

baroqueThe success of the Pulp City: Cold War Kickstarter allowed us to add a few extra Supremes to the line-up, including Bulleta (who we showed in the last preview) and her twin brother Baroque. The twins have previously allied themselves with both the Supreme Alliance and the Red Republik, and now both teams have arrived in Pulp City’s present, who knows where their true loyalties will lie?


Sculpted by the supremely talented James Van Schaik, Baroque is the final sculpt we needed to complete the minis from the Kickstarter campaign.

Cold War Sculpting

bullettaSculpting is progressing well for the Supremes and Minions unlocked and unleashed through our recent Pulp City: Cold War Kickstarter.


One of the recently completed sculpts is the super-fast Bulleta, twin sister of the mage Baroque.


These powerful twins have shifting loyalties, aligning themselves to both the Supreme Alliance and the Red Republik at times.