PREVIEW: E.C.T.O. (clear resin)

ECTO clear croppedWe are thrilled to show off the E.C.T.O. cast in clear resin, one of the amazing products that we could only make available thanks to the Cold War Kickstarter.


Very soon, Cold War pledges will be on their way to backers, including these super-cool clear resin E.C.T.O. models for those who ordered them. we will also be adding the Supreme Alliance and Red Republik products to the web-store in the weeks and months ahead, so be sure to look out for them!

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Red Bella – Raider of the Lost Monkey King!

redbellaCUTime to learn more about how Red Bella rejoined her comrades within the Ape Revolutionary Committee!


It is not yet clear who will hold sway over the A.R.C., but Red Bella thinks she has the key to their future!


Click this link for Red Bella’s story.

Taurus Shock Troopers

Ulthar 2 GorgorothNow up is the story about how the Taurus Shock Troopers were inducted to serve in the ranks of the Ulthar Empire war machine.


A cadre of these powerful soldiers now fights at Ra’Leigh’s side in his insurgency on Earth. Click this link for their story.

Hear Cro Mag’s Roar!


We have added the story of Cro Mag’s first appearance in Pulp City to the Heroes and Villains Section – click for link.


Set loose in the city, Cro Mag was immediately terror incarnate as his might was unleashed!

Bigfoot Bounds In!


We have added Bigfoot’s story (click for link), of his return to Pulp City and the mysterious forces at play which have called him back.

This recent addition to Pulp City’s Supremes has his own agenda going on and beware any who get in his way!

If you want to read more about Bigfoot, then go here.


Tekkna’s Story

tekknaThe most recent addition to the Heroes and Villains section is the story of how Tekkna became a Supreme and began her journey to Pulp City.

The new face in Pulp City has ancient power coursing through her veins, power that is coveted by nefarious forces…

Gemini X & Y Background Story

Ulthar 3 4 GeminiThe latest story has been added to the Heroes and Villains section of the site, this time examining the rise to prominence of the Gemini twins. We learn what made them unique among their caste as well as their role in recent Ulthar events.


Head over to check out their tale now, and stay tuned as we continue to add more stories about your favourite Supremes!

NEW RELEASES: Bigfoot & Pixels

Great news for Pulp Citizens – we have just added six new packs to the web-store. This sees Pulp City return to a more regular release schedule, and we will announce the planned calendar for further new releases soon – there will be some surprises, including the return of some familiar faces!



Bigfoot is a very hard-hitting Infiltrator; mounted on a 40 mm base and packing Trump Strength 6, he can wreak havoc with your foes and is an ideal addition to a Hero Team.




Pixels (which come as a pack of 3 Pixels and a Mega Pixel!) come in 5 different colours and are Exclusive Minions which start the game in play with Vector, who can then Summon extra Pixels if needed, replacing them almost as quickly as they are lost! They give bonuses depending on whether they are attached to a Friendly model (defensive bonus) or Enemy model (offensive bonus). In addition, 3 small Pixels can be combined to a single Mega Pixel, allowing Vector to then Summon up to two more Pixels!

allpixels-1000x563Pixels are available in the following colours (all minis in the pack are the same colour)


Look out for Spotlights on these characters very soon.

Stinger, Scorpio Fencer

scorpio head shotWe continue to add to the Heroes and Villains section of the website, and the latest addition is Stinger, Scorpio Fencer, as we learn how he came to Pulp City.


In addition, the pdf of the Fall of Pulp City timeline has been added to the downloads page.


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Aquanaut & Universal Soldat


Powers & Skills: Super Strength, Flight, Sonic Attack, Hand to Hand Expert

Aquanaut first appeared on British shores in 1940 after the battles of Narvik, demanding cessation of all human hostilities on the ocean. Diplomacy failed, leading to Supreme conflict as she and Sovereign battled it out on the streets of London. Aquanaut was not seen again until after Pearl Harbor when she agreed to help the American war effort in exchange for help in protecting the oceans.  At war’s end, Aquanaut stayed to help her friends and became a valued member of the Supreme Alliance. With her disappearance all contact with Atlantis was also lost, and is now dismissed by most as a myth.


U. SoldatUniversal Soldat

Powers & Skills: Advanced melee weaponry; energy accelerator; heavy armour

The finest soldier the Professor had ever commanded, Sgt. Mikhail Zolnerowich volunteered to become the Supreme known as Universal Soldat, the superhuman symbol of Soviet military might. As the Cold War began in the aftermath of WW II, Universal Soldat was among the first recruits to the Red Republik. Years of service in combat proved Zolnerowich’s mettle. However his greatest test was hidden from the Soviet citizenry; the experimental batteries powering his mighty armor were slowly killing him. Now displaced in time, Professor Hammer knows it is inevitable his strong right hand will need replacing.