androida_comp2Hey Pulp City fans, we want you to show us (and show off!) your painted ANDROIDAS, and then we want to reward one of you with a very special prize – a free copy of the new TWILIGHT mini to be released next month!

The competition is over on our Facebook page and can be found here: LINK

The rules are simple: post a picture of your painted ANDROIDA (new version or classic) in the comments on the Facebook post, and we will randomly draw the name of one person posting their ANDROIDA and send that person the prize of the soon-to-be-released new TWILIGHT and associated game card.

The competition is open until midnight UK time on 6th November, and we will do the random draw shortly after that. So get posting, and if your Androida is not painted yet, get painting then get posting! Good luck and please share to your gaming friends!

Pulp City – Quick Update (Oct. 2016)

dreadwingasmallA brief Pulp City update guys.

We have been going through a few changes in the team, with a new warehouse guy (who we will call ‘Sven’ – actually a code-name as having a second Maciej just confuses things!).

We are inducting Sven this week, and as a result, things have slowed down for us in terms of processing orders and replying to shop emails. We expect thing to get back up to speed next Monday and we just wanted to let you know what is happening.

In the mean-time we thought we would give you a closer look at an upcoming Supreme trailed in the Pulp City SE core rule-book.

Thanks, from Maciej and the team.

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Batter Up! Rosie ‘Baby’ Rude!

rosierudestory4We have added Rosie ‘Baby’ Rude’s story to the Heroes and Villains section. Rosie’s Supreme power was unleashed during the Monster mayhem of the Fall of Pulp City. Today she is a stalwart Hero, battling bad guys one day and trying to put the city back together the next.

You can learn more about Rosie’s origin here (click for link)

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Androida Story Update

androidastorycropA Pulp City Speeder like Androida never stands still, and neither does her story!


To coincide with the release of the new Androida model (available in the web-store now), we have delved into the events that lie behind her literal upgrade.


You can read about Androida’s updated history through this link here, and be sure to check for another story that will be posted next month, revealing even more of the recent terrible event that affected Androida.



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NEW: Androida & Dr. Warlock

Hello, Pulp Citizens – we are very happy announce that we have new releases in the webstore as we are ready to resume a regular schedule!


new_androida-_raw2_logoFirst up is Androida (New) – a new version of the classic Supreme Hero. Androida was one of the first models sculpted for the Pulp City range, and we are very pleased to be able to update her. Not only does Androida get a new model, but she gets a rules overhaul to go with it! In the Pulp City story, Androida has suffered grievous harm recently, and her rebuilt form has greater capability than ever before. In fact, she showcases a new rule that reflects her standing as a highly regarded member of Heavy Metal. You can find out more about Androida’s upgraded rules through her Spotlight in the next few days, and following that expect an update to her background story too.


You can find Androida here in the web-store (click for link).



sg1_drwarlockDr. Warlock joins Androida as the second of our new releases this month. Dr. Warlock is one of the Supreme Genesis characters which were created thanks to our first Kickstarter. The product of Drew Wood’s imagination, Dr. Warlock has an impressive back-story, and has been reborn in many forms over the years. That has been reflected in the design and backstory of this latest version who hits the streets of Pulp City wearing the Dr. Warlock mantle carried by many Heroes who have gone before him. You can learn more about Dr. Warlock when we publish his Spotlight later this week.


If you want to add Dr. Warlock to your Team, you can find him here in the web-store (click for link).



Aurelius – the Villain with The Golden Touch!

pcm-2011-alch-7-flt2wwwAurelius’ story is now up on the web-site. Eric Goulding had it all, yet became desperate for something more.


You can learn more about the tragic decision that has driven Aurelius’ descent into Supreme Villainy by following this link (click for link).

Roger, Wilco! M.O.D. Rolls In!

MODAnother new addition to the Hero and Villains section of the web-site, this time featuring M.O.D.’s story. One of the more recent recruits to Heavy Metal, M.O.D. is the brave can-do little bot who is everywhere his allies need him to assist as they serve the public and battle against evil Supremes.


You can learn more about M.O.D.’s induction to the ranks of Heavy Metal by clicking here for the link.

The Grimm This City Needs!

SupremeGrimmThe latest story in the Heroes and Villains section concerns Supreme Grimm. Like other Grimm, he has been influenced by popular culture as his specialisation manifested itself. In his case, the city’s Supremes were the blueprint for his persona and abilities.


Find out more about Supreme Grimm by clicking this link here.

Kung Fu Fighting Grimm!

GrimmFuLRYou can now find out more about one of Little Asia’s most steadfast protectors – Grimm Lee Chan!


Little Asia has become a target for various nefarious Supremes, and the stalwarts of the shadowy affiliation known as The Way do their best to repel those predators. And most surprising in their strange ranks is probably the diminutive Grimm Lee Chan!


Click this link to read more of Grimm Lee Chan’s story.

Gorgoroth – Ulthar Powerhouse!

Taurus headshotWe have added the story of Gorgoroth to the Heroes and Villains section. A loyal member of the Ulthar forces stranded on Earth, what plans does this huge beast have for the future of his kind?


Head here to find out more about this unstoppable juggernaut, mightiest of the Taurus bulls.