Death Girl

One of the biggest isles and the home of the nation of the East, Aia is the name of the giant Turtle God on whose back the Eastern Kingdom was built.

The Emperor Li faced his biggest problem in centuries – father of ninety-nine daughters, he was unable to sire a male who would ascend to the throne. General Tao, leader of the Black Sun Samurai, was whispered to be getting ready for rebellion when the Fading hit.

Slumbering Aia woke up only when Tao opened up the gate to the Nether, his samurai merging with terrifying Oni, forming an army that assaulted the seat of power and slew Emperor Li. Aia’s cry of pain transformed ninety-eight of Li’s daughters into Wailing Spirits. The youngest one, known ever after as Death Girl, was sworn by her father to the death goddess Izanami, and ventured to the Fuji summit where she received the gift from her deity, Severance, the bone staff that splits human and Oni, sending the Black Sun demons back to hell.

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