New Web-store

storeAfter a lot of wrangling, the new web-store is now up and running as we want it! We posted the link recently via social media, but wanted to work out a couple of issues before we linked from the web-site page here. Rest assured, the link is now live!

youngblood-page-001Building on the success of the Supreme Edition Kickstarter, we decided we needed to return to wider distribution and establish a better web-store. We have now done the latter, and the new store has a better graphical design, we think is more user-friendly, and supports fans by having better information for customers including stat card images so you can make an informed choice about purchases.

The web-store will also offer a reward points scheme for returning customers, which we plan to include some very special items as we move forward. In addition, we will be ensuring regular monthly releases starting in the next couple of months.

In the mean time, the nefarious 100 Voices, his assistants the Voicelings and the alien bounty hunter Slug Muldoon have all been added as the first new releases.

In the coming months expect new releases for the Forgotten, Coven, Heavy Metal and Blood Watch and many others, so please keep checking back regularly!