Six Feet Under (Hero)

Code-name: Six Feet Under

Full Name: Ken Meyers

Faction: Blood Watch

On one parallel version of Earth, extinction came unexpectedly on a Monday morning in 1982. Without warning, skies opened and huge hoverships cast shadows over the biggest cities of North America. The ‘human component’ was the target, as Necropoliticians called it, as life energy was harvested into huge containers, rapidly extracting this resource out of living and screaming bodies. Raiding parties then dropped to the surface to search for survivors.

A treaty had been signed by the President of Euroasia and Lord Hellfax of Necroplane. The new alliance with the alien race was intended to be a decisive move in a war that had lasted for over a decade, with neither Euroasia nor Panamerica able to deal a final blow. But none of the Euroasian officials had expected this outcome. Earth’s doom was sealed as Necroplane replenished its energy resources and soon attacked Euroasia after Panamerica fell.

Ken Meyers had been finishing his nightshift as a security guard at Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta. He loved his job for he loved gazing at the stars, imagining how it would be to travel in space. An avid sci-fi fan, Ken spent most of his eighteen years getting ready for an alien invasion that he was sure had to come one day.

When ray-beams tore through clouds, unlike most of his fellow citizens, Ken was ready. He dove into one of the freshly dug graves and shielded himself with a heavy lead cover. He stayed there until finally a terrible silence fell, with none of the usual sounds of the city as it would normally be waking up for another busy Monday.

The barren land pulsed and heaved, the ground still crying from the abuse that had rained from above. When at last Ken crawled out of hiding, he knew he was not unscathed. His body ached, a terrible swelling came over him, and to his horror, he realized that his body had started warping, his teenage frame elongating to nine feet in height, and powerful muscles bulged under what remained of his outfit.

Ken let a cry of pained fury out when he realized that he had absorbed some of the life energy harvested by the hoverships. His insane howls drew the attention of a raiding party. The necro-constructs found the hulk unconscious and under their master’s command carried him through the quantum hole to the Necroplane’s infamous prison, the Hellrock.

Lord Hellfax studied Ken for many months, for this was the first case of anybody surviving exposure to necrorays. For Ken it seemed like an eternity of torture, his body pinched, cut, and burnt more times that he could count. Yet the Lord did not realize that with each blow Meyers became more powerful, his strong will growing like a storm, until the chalice of his fury and hatred was full. He was just waiting for the right moment.

And then it came. Something weird happened one day, the guards began running like crazy. It was so unusual that even Lord Hellfax broke from his sadistic routine and walked over to the window to see what was happening.

Ken tore his chains from the walls with one powerful pull that surprised even him and slung them around the neck of amazed Hellfax, snapping his head off. By the time the body hit the floor, Ken was long gone, smashing a hole in the wall and plummeting a hundred feet to the ground. Yet he did not die, instead he ran onwards, fuelled by insanity, and by hatred, with no goal, and no escape plan.

Chased by legions of Necro G.I’s, Soul Golems and nightmare herders, the man soon to be known as Six Feet Under ran through the barren landscape of the Necroplane until he was so tired he collapsed to his knees. Soon he was surrounded by the minions of the dead who gathered like vultures around a dying defiant lion. One Soul Golem lifted Ken’s powerful body with ease and the balefire in its cyclopean eye brightened to burn the infidel who slew Lord Hellfax.

At that moment fate twisted and help arrived. From Blood Rose’s portal came the entire Blood Watch, with V.H. leading the charge and decapitating the undead, while Sgt. Bale and Red Riding Hoodoo blasted the animated corpses with their arcane tricks, bolstered by Blacksmith’s mighty hammer, forcing the disarrayed Necroplane forces into retreat. Soon the battle was over and the Team carried the fallen hulk through the portal back to the safety of their headquarters.

Ken Meyers died that night, and Six Feet Under was born. The only way to keep his fury and hatred from slaughtering everything nearby was to channel it into destroying as many evil Necroplane beings as possible. And possibly save this Earth from what had happened to Ken’s home.

Six Feet Under never steps back. His traumatic experiences in Hellrock Prison stripped the remnants of his sanity. Caring only for his teammates, Six Feet Under swings his huge shovel and rams into his enemies, no finesse, just brute strength. With nothing to lose, the hulking giant is capable of withstanding not only powerful blows but also the dark arts of magic and mind control. Like the rest of Blood Watch, Six Feet Under is an expert in slaying the dead and the supernatural. But unlike some of his friends, he takes great pleasure in it.

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