Zeta Initiative

Heroes & Villains-ZI

Refugees from another world, another universe, the Zeta Initiative has landed in present-day Pulp City. What they see is so much that is familiar yet different enough to give them hope that the fate of this world will not match that of the ruined Earth they left behind.

The Supremes of the Zeta Initiative are survivors, all changed by the experiences they had on their world before cataclysm befell it. A disparate group, they have one common goal which is to ensure the survival of their new home.

Vector 2.0 leads this rag-tag group, empowered by his world’s C.O.R.E.’s final sacrifice. Most of those who fled their broken world banded together, hiding out in the run off zone, but a few are scattered around a new Earth, and Vector wants to bring them together to consolidate the Zeta Initiative’s fight to prevent the Necroplane repeating the unspeakable act which reaped almost the entire life energy of a world.

While Vector wants to defeat the threat of the Necroplane once and for all, he is acutely aware of the machinations of other refugees who followed Morgan le Fay’s siren call to the banner of this new Earth’s Arthur Black; he is sure there will come a reckoning between the Zeta Initiative and Dark Camelot.