Gentleman (Hero/Villain)

Code-name: Gentleman

Full Name: Danny Ortega

Faction: none

If Danny Ortega is to be called ever a victim of anything, he is a victim of fashion and trends.

Blame it on a childhood of misery in the poorest and most dangerous district of Pulp City, New Port. Growing up in that tough environment would make or break the spirit of any who lived there. Danny Ortega was a born survivor and life in New Port hardened him and honed his now-legendary skills.

These days better known as the Gentleman, Danny has a thing for the trendiest suits and shiniest guns. His clean and precise methods of eliminating his targets have forged his reputation as one of the best hitmen in town, capable even of assassinating a Supreme. In fact, he is most infamous for reputedly taking down Black Jack, a speeder hero from his block, although there has never been enough evidence to pin the crime on him.

Things are never as simple as they seem, and the Gentleman is not utterly evil; he considers moral standards more or less a matter of individual taste, and money is usually the only absolute. Just as you may like a Prada suit, so you may like being a hitman.

Ortega has invested his money smartly, and even covertly became an owner of stock in a new technologies company. Even with a growing wealth, Danny continues to remain active, suggesting he has a longer game in mind. Despite his criminal career, he is definitely a local patriot. Many citizens recall an elegantly-attired silhouette sniping Ulthar soldiers from the roof of the City Hall during the last invasion by the alien force. It is Danny Ortega’s resources and his skill with guns that are the reason he gets invited to fight side by side with the even most powerful Villains, and has even been seen alongside a few vigilante Heroes.

Gentleman hardly qualifies as a Supreme in the strictest sense, unless money and an almost unerring shot is to be considered a special power. On the battlefield he brings with him an arsenal of gadgets, gizmos and contacts, and of course his trademark sniper rifle. He has become known as a very particular hitman, taking only the contracts that he considers will be ‘fun’ and that will challenge his considerable skill-set. Not only does he work for the best, but he works with the best and all the people he hires are top notch criminal specialists and hard-boiled operators.

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Ace of Wraiths (Hero)


aceofwraithsCode-name: Ace of Wraiths

Full Name: unknown

Faction: Blood Watch, Four Aces

Even over one hundred years later, they still talk in Pulp City about that night of poker. That was the night a dazzling card-sharp became the Ace of Wraiths. His name is long-since forgotten, but the legend says that he was the greatest gambler of his day. He could bluff his way to a win with just a pair of deuces, and today Ace of Wraiths is the oldest resident of Pulp City’s Crossroad Hills district.

Over one century ago, that was his night; nobody could best him at cards, until a stranger joined his game. The stranger’s native blood did not match his white man’s clothing, nor did his Old World accent. The two played for hours until the momentum swung back to Ace in the gray hours just before the breaking of dawn. It came down to one last hand.

The stranger had no money, but he laid his gun and card box on the table. At first glance, the gun appeared to be nothing special, but as Ace stared at it he saw its exquisite workmanship along with ornate etching on the barrel. The same pattern was impressed on the solid silver box.

The final game was five card stud. The stranger took one card, Ace took three and drew aces over eights. He laid his cards down. The stranger sighed and looked Ace in the eyes. A smile came to his lips that grew into a laugh that chilled Ace’s soul. Then the stranger’s body collapsed into a pile of ashes. Ace flipped over the stranger’s cards: six, seven, eight, nine, and the one-eyed jack of spades.

That gambler Ace did not realize what had happened that night until a wandering preacher on a pale horse, upon seeing the winnings, told him a story about a cursed gun and deck of cards which damn their owner with immortality and eternal torment. He told the tale that they cannot be given away, but the owner can try to outwit another into winning the trophies in a game of cards, thus condemning the winner’s soul to an afterlife in hell. Ace had met his match that night, and his winning streak had come to a damned end.

Ace soon found he could not die. A bullet, or a knife, or a hangman’s noose may take his breath and stop his heart, but he was always reborn on the following night at the nearest crossroads. A few arcanists that know of his curse whisper that his life on earth will one day come to an end, when every man and woman tricked by the cursed Deck of Souls is redeemed with a claimed life of an evil being. And these days there seems no end of evil souls to harvest.

The powers of Ace of Wraiths rely on his artifacts. A skilled gunslinger and a cartomancer, Ace has had more than a century to master the art of paying his toll with the blood of evil men and women.


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Solar (Hero)/Dark Solar (Hero/Villain)



solarCode-name: Solar/Dark Solar

Full Name: Johann Sonnenbrandt

Faction: none

When he came of age, Johann Sonnenbrandt inherited much more wealth than any mortal could ever spend in his life. But he tried really hard nonetheless. Heir to a Bavarian beer brewing family, Johann chose the easy life of a playboy and a hedonistic thrill seeker. As a young adult he left Munich and headed for a place where winters were more kind and life a little wilder – Pulp City.

Residing aboard his luxurious yacht in the Pulp City Marina, surrounded by crowds of gorgeous women, Johann’s vanity and carefree attitude was unmatched, until the day at a gala opening of an exhibition of Mayan antiquities, where he met Jenny Vale, the first woman ever that resisted his personal charm… and the lure of his money.

solar-page-001Meeting this young and smart curator changed his life forever. Jenny demanded that Sonnenbrandt stopped playing the part of somebody who he was not. She sensed that behind the mask of gold he projected there was a caring soul within.

Johann followed Jenny, joining her on a trip to an excavation in Latin America. His persistence and ability to shed the materialism and trappings his wealth and live like a common person slowly won the heart of the beautiful archaeologist.

The dig continued well, and as it did and more secretes were uncovered, the relationship between Johann and Jenny blossomed.

solar-page-002It was when they found a hidden chamber in the temple dedicated to Ahau Kin that a storm broke! Jenny’s discovery was much more than a momentary sensation deserving a cover on American Geographic; it was literally a key to unlock cosmic power. As soon as the door was opened, masked special ops raided the site, silencing all protests with bullets.

Jenny and Johann barred the door to the chamber from within, and when it seemed that their blood would wash the ancient floor, the young playboy prayed to whatever power might hear him at what threatened to be the last moments of his and Jenny’s lives.

dark solar-page-001Suddenly, guided by some mysterious intuition, Johann grabbed the crown that adorned the statue of Ahau Kin that dominated the chamber. The door burst open in at the same moment as bolts of immaculate light shot from Johann’s hands and annihilated all opposition in a blinding flash.

Appalled by the sight of the smoldering corpses of the attackers, Jenny silently left and never said a single word to Johann again. He knew that although he was her savior, they would never be together after that.

The power of the sun god that he now held would be his curse as well as his boon.

dark solar-page-002Johann took the mantle of Solar to wash the guilt of killing from of his soul. Promising that he would never take another human life, Solar patrols the streets of Pulp City day and night, a loner constantly brooding over what might have been and what will never be.

Recently Solar and his only long-time companion, Stalker, have been on the heels of the cultists aiding Stygian to wake up more of the Forgotten. He knows there will come a reckoning between those dark ancient powers and that of Ahau Kin. As the prospect of showdown looms, he may very soon need to turn to unusual allies among those bearing the mantle of other great and ancient pantheons.

fcl_solar-page-001Even now, after years of operating as one of the highest-profile Supremes in Pulp City, Solar is still not fully aware of his powers of the legacy from which they came. The ability to call the sun to his aid seems almost unlimited when he vanquishes his foes, but thoughts as dark as the moonless nights stalk his mind more and more often, troubling him deeply. He has begun to question what additional ultimate price will the Mayan artifact demand from him?


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Mourn (Villain)

Code-name: Mourn

Full Name: Unknown

Faction: Necroplane

Blacksmith’s voice was gruff as ever as he continued the education of Youngblood, Blood Watch’s newest recruit. Youngblood was absent-mindedly playing with the warding charm around his neck, and Blacksmith gently patted the youngling vampire’s hand, both to capture his attention and to stop him weakening the wards bound within.

First off lad, some gruesome facts about the Necroplane; that evil realm of existence that neighbors our world is a horrid parallel of the reality we know. Everything, starting with the landscape, is twisted as if some macabre visionary succeeded in translating his nightmare into a material world – even Hieronymus Bosch would be impressed.

The same applies to Necroplane’s Supremes. To join the ranks of the scourge or the Necroplan’es other Supreme agents, most of them were super-sinners in life, earning enough favor from the Lords of Necropolis to be granted supernatural powers.

Mourn’s true name was never known, as far as we can tell, though some claim he used to be a blood-thirsty dictator in a remote country. He ended up in the bowels of Hellrock Prison under charges of genocide.

On the walls of his cell were hung the flayed skins of all of his victims. They tormented Mourn past the limits of sanity, chattering, whispering and shouting curses at him. Each day, each waking moment was filled with their relentless mind-breaking babble.

At last, after two years, silence finally descended. The door to his prison-cell burst open and what was left of Mourn’s mortal body walked out of the cell, shrouded in a moving cloak of shifting, howling faces. When the prison’s guards tried to stop him, the tortured souls embedded in the living fabric of his cloak clawed at them, shattering their bones, their screaming unhinging the guards’ sanity.

Only one mortal witnessed Mourn’s rebirth. In a nearby cell was chained Six Feet Under, our hulking giant who somehow managed to escape Hellrock on that same fateful day as Mourn did.

Six Feet Under reported that Mourn was granted the powers of a malign spirit, a baen sidhe. After a few encounters we think that actually Mourn is a host of several baen sidhe, acting like a beacon that transmits and directs their destructive cries. We think that their minds are a collective that directs Mourn’s activities. The souls in the cape most often have contradictory ideas, arguing and screaming among themselves, so that the flying Villain rarely acts in a predictable way. He may look weak, but he is dangerous.

Mourn seldom speaks; he hisses few words and more often lets his cape of souls speak for him. His arrival is heralded by thousands of whispers, building to a crescendo as Mourn floats like a huge airborne manta above the field of battle. He then selects and closes on his prey and lets loose an unearthly scream, the mourning song of his past victims.

So be warned, lad. Mourn is a threat that should not be underestimated, and if we can free his victims’ souls, then all the better.

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