Solar (Hero)/Dark Solar (Hero/Villain)



solarCode-name: Solar/Dark Solar

Full Name: Johann Sonnenbrandt

Faction: none

When he came of age, Johann Sonnenbrandt inherited much more wealth than any mortal could ever spend in his life. But he tried really hard nonetheless. Heir to a Bavarian beer brewing family, Johann chose the easy life of a playboy and a hedonistic thrill seeker. As a young adult he left Munich and headed for a place where winters were more kind and life a little wilder – Pulp City.

Residing aboard his luxurious yacht in the Pulp City Marina, surrounded by crowds of gorgeous women, Johann’s vanity and carefree attitude was unmatched, until the day at a gala opening of an exhibition of Mayan antiquities, where he met Jenny Vale, the first woman ever that resisted his personal charm… and the lure of his money.

solar-page-001Meeting this young and smart curator changed his life forever. Jenny demanded that Sonnenbrandt stopped playing the part of somebody who he was not. She sensed that behind the mask of gold he projected there was a caring soul within.

Johann followed Jenny, joining her on a trip to an excavation in Latin America. His persistence and ability to shed the materialism and trappings his wealth and live like a common person slowly won the heart of the beautiful archaeologist.

The dig continued well, and as it did and more secretes were uncovered, the relationship between Johann and Jenny blossomed.

solar-page-002It was when they found a hidden chamber in the temple dedicated to Ahau Kin that a storm broke! Jenny’s discovery was much more than a momentary sensation deserving a cover on American Geographic; it was literally a key to unlock cosmic power. As soon as the door was opened, masked special ops raided the site, silencing all protests with bullets.

Jenny and Johann barred the door to the chamber from within, and when it seemed that their blood would wash the ancient floor, the young playboy prayed to whatever power might hear him at what threatened to be the last moments of his and Jenny’s lives.

dark solar-page-001Suddenly, guided by some mysterious intuition, Johann grabbed the crown that adorned the statue of Ahau Kin that dominated the chamber. The door burst open in at the same moment as bolts of immaculate light shot from Johann’s hands and annihilated all opposition in a blinding flash.

Appalled by the sight of the smoldering corpses of the attackers, Jenny silently left and never said a single word to Johann again. He knew that although he was her savior, they would never be together after that.

The power of the sun god that he now held would be his curse as well as his boon.

dark solar-page-002Johann took the mantle of Solar to wash the guilt of killing from of his soul. Promising that he would never take another human life, Solar patrols the streets of Pulp City day and night, a loner constantly brooding over what might have been and what will never be.

Recently Solar and his only long-time companion, Stalker, have been on the heels of the cultists aiding Stygian to wake up more of the Forgotten. He knows there will come a reckoning between those dark ancient powers and that of Ahau Kin. As the prospect of showdown looms, he may very soon need to turn to unusual allies among those bearing the mantle of other great and ancient pantheons.

fcl_solar-page-001Even now, after years of operating as one of the highest-profile Supremes in Pulp City, Solar is still not fully aware of his powers of the legacy from which they came. The ability to call the sun to his aid seems almost unlimited when he vanquishes his foes, but thoughts as dark as the moonless nights stalk his mind more and more often, troubling him deeply. He has begun to question what additional ultimate price will the Mayan artifact demand from him?


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Dead Eye (Hero)


deadeyeCode-name: Dead Eye

Full Name: Dan Peyton

Faction: N/A

Dan Peyton was a born leader. Growing up in suburban Pulp City, he found that other children were drawn to him and did the things he suggested. Tall and lanky, blond and blue-eyed, he excelled in all things at school. As a student, he got straight A’s; he was prom king and class president; and he always had the prettiest cheerleader for a girlfriend. But he was most distinguished as an athlete. Dan was a four letter man in all four years of high school (in football, basketball, baseball, and curling). All the top universities scouted him for their teams and tempted him with full scholarships and unwritten bonuses offered by rich alumni. But Dan rejected them all, and took a full academic scholarship to the prestigious University of Pulp City (he scored 1599 on his SATs, so he’s not as perfect as he seems).

deadeye-page-001At UPC, Dan concentrated on football, where his uncanny ability as quarterback to call the right play at the right time, the pinpoint accuracy of his passes, and his strong right arm earned him the nickname ‘Dead Eye’. In his senior year, he led the ‘bar codes’, as the UPC teams were unofficially known, to a national championship, defeating Ohio State in the Lysol (“Keep Your Toilet Fresh”) Orange Bowl. First pick in the NFL draft, he negotiated a trade to the Pulp City Pirates because he loved his hometown. In his rookie season, Dan lived up to his nickname and reputation; he broke all records for pass completions, touchdowns, and yards passed. Dead Eye’s future as the greatest quarterback ever seemed assured.

deadeye-page-002Everything was perfect. That is, until that fateful day in his second season when the corrupt team owners approached Dan with a deal. For years, the owners had made a fortune betting against their own team, and now they saw the opportunity to win more. With the local boy-hero filling the stadium and with his reputation as the most accurate and strongest passer in the game, the Pirates might actually start turning a legitimate profit as they won more and more games. But if they lost those games that the gambling odds makers said they should win, the owners would win more if they bet on the Pirates’ opponents. Thus, they went to Dan and offered him part of the action. He instantly refused, and continued to refuse to throw games just to enrich himself.

fcl_deadeye-page-001The owners decided on a different course.

In the most important game of season, the one to determine divisional champions, the owners laced Dan’s Pulporade with a drug that would drain his strength, and the more he used his right arm the more his arm was affected. Dan felt something wrong, but his will was so strong that he overcame the numbing effects of the drug, and Dead Eye passed his team to victory. Enraged, the owners increased the drug for the next game, but the Pirates still won. This continued through the rest of season and into the playoffs and up to the Super Bowl. The dose for the Super Bowl would have killed an ox, but Dan’s magnificent, last second, seventy-five yard pass, just before he collapsed to the ground, saved the game. The furious team owners had Dan tested for drugs, and when the results came back positive, the NFL banned Dan for life from the game he loved.

deadeye-artCompletely dishonored and labeled a traitor in the Pulp City Planet, Dan feared to walk the streets of Pulp City. Moreover, the drugs continued to weaken and wither Dan’s throwing arm, the damage already done as he had fought off the debilitating effects of being secretly drugged. The toxin had spread in response to increased exertion, killing nerves and destroying muscle. Then a mysterious sponsor (claiming to be behind at least a couple of Supreme ‘rebirths’) offered Dan redemption. He could equip Dan with a bionic arm that would be even stronger than his real one. Dan jumped at the chance and promised to use his arm to battle the corruption that destroyed his life. ‘Dead Eye’ as he was only known as from then on never speaks about the details of the deal, but his deeds tell the story.

Alone, Dead Eye, slightly disillusioned but full of grit, and nigh on indestructible, wields a massive array of power. Faster than ever, strong and witty, the name of Dead Eye strikes fear in the hearts of all threats to Pulp City (and in other parts of bodies of those who have no hearts). He is at his best in leading a team of Supremes who know his true story and trust Dan limitlessly.

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Dr. Tenebrous (Villain)

Full Name: Dr. Tenebrous

Arguably, the creature known to the citizens of Earth as Dr. Tenebrous is one of the most powerful beings in the world.

Lord Tenebrous was born a mortal long before the cursed land of Necroplane took shape. He was a blood seneschal of a dark king Asurbanipal, an angry deva that rebelled against his kin.

Asurbanipal was so powerful no weapon could have slain him, so the righteous devas conferred with other nations and they decided their world would be safer if the dark king’s essence was split into 3 parts and hidden in a locked prison plane.

All of his allies were banished as well.

Young Tenebrous, a scholar that spent years in the libraries of Philosopher Kings, used the years of the imprisonment well. While other seneschals were feasting on the blood of their fallen lord and scheming the revenge,  he studied the recovered tomes from the lost library of Alexandria and honed his skills in the field of arcane engineering. He found the tomb of Vikshi and recovered all of the artifacts, including the tome of necromancy that taught how to animate the dead.

When the seals broke and the people of the dark lands took their revenge on their former jailers, Necroplane was already an established tyranny with a feudal system, ruled by a caste of blood seneschals who named themselves as Lords.

The plane was a huge military organism and after the war came to the end, it was obvious that it needed more bloodshed to keep its violent citizens occupied and to justify the further development of the military industry. All of the denizens were no longer human, most of them led a life in the suspended animation and constant blood craving. The huge furnaces of war factories were not fueled by gas or oil, they were running on the soul and life energy of enemy prisoners. Even though the essence of a powerful knight could keep the engines running for days, it soon turned out that the cells of Hellrock prison were less and less populated.

While the Lords of Necroplane still sustained themselves on the blood of Asurbanipal, the extensive warfare industry of the dead plane drained all of the resources and left some of its denizens starving without life energy.

Tenebrous was the first one to suggest an alternative way of harvesting the energy that would let Necroplane develop.

Using the arcane technology that imbued the artifacts of the sage Vikshi, Tenebrous and his scientists were able to reconstruct the energy draining powers and graft them onto the flying vessels of the Necroplane’s air navy.

The harvest ships, as they are now referred to, carried a death ray cannon that snuffed any life (similar to neutron bombs) and captured the fleeting essence into the energy containers.

The dreadful sight of hovering hulks sweeping across the ravaged cityscapes was the last thing that the citizens of Marro XII remember,  just as those of the worlds of Axtor, Llay and Thar.

The process of “reaping” a world was not just a simple invasion. Sometimes it took years to infiltrate the society, exchange some of its most powerful dwellers with Hollow Ones and open the door to harvest ships from within. For instance, Tenebrous established a formal diplomatic link with the US and UN, choosing the tolerant Pulp City as his headquarters and laying low under his human disguise for almost 3 years, bribing the politicians and some Supremes until the right day for invasion came. Necroplane Lords learnt how to be patient. Earth, or to be precise one of the parallel Earths in which we live, taught them how to lose.

The first portent came out of nowhere. Ken Meyers, the only survivor of the Necroplane invasion of his home world, escaped from the Hellrock prison and warned the Earth about the invasion to come.

Dr. Tenebrous, warned by one of the so-called Heroes, had to drop his disguise and speed up the invasion but even that didn’t help.

As the ships came through the portal at the Twilight Hills, the Heroes of the Earth were ready. Many lost their lives, but Necroplane learnt the lesson the hard way, losing 80% of its navy.

Tenebrous is even more careful these days. Though he will never admit this in front of the other Lords, his feelings for Earth and its citizens are very ambiguous. He dearly hates all of the pesky Supremes that stood in his way, yet he admires the pathetic culture, its love for violence and all things superficial.

He loves the idea of the prestige held by Earth’s super heroes, as he knows only fear that he spreads. It was Tenebrous’ idea to create the villainous Scourge of Necroplane team that is a mockery of the Supreme teams he knows. He is the one that spends days in Hellrock, bending the will of the prisoners and transforming them over time into new recruits. Each new recruit is an epic story on its own and current agendas take Tenebrous across the space and time. Snatching one world’s most powerful Supreme and turning him into Supreme Zed or resurrecting the notorious 30’s  gangster Frank Gatsby as The Deadliner, are just two of the most recent ones.

The dark tentacles of Tenebrous’ agenda reach beyond Necroplane and its schemes. If the Supremes were ever aware of whom his contacts are among the Supremes and politicians on Earth, they would be afraid to ever fall asleep.

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