Pulp Monsters

Starting as a one-man special-ops, Pulp Monsters is now an assembly of creative minds that love miniatures and miniature games. We are focusing our energy on bringing you the best possible super-powered miniatures game, where Heroes and Villains battle over Pulp City. The current Pulp Monsters line-up is:

Maciej – up until recently, the sole designer. Super-power: Super-charged rays of creative chaos. Weakness: Vulnerable to attacks of the time devourers.

Devon – also known as the nefarious Beermonkey, the devil’s advocate designer. Super-power: Triples strength when fighting for the rules he likes. Weakness: Bribed with beer.

Leon – the voice of reason. Super-power: Takes blame for everybody. Weakness: Asks difficult questions that get him into trouble.

Karol – the king of the underground warehouse. Super-power: Packs miniatures faster than lightning. Weakness: Time spent underground makes him vulnerable to sun.


But Pulp Monsters, just like every good super-powered comic book, draws strength from its guest stars – fantastic gamers that will come to your aid in the forums – some of them long time friends; artists who draw, sculpt and paint all of our miniatures – they truly make the game what it is today.

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