H&V Updates

With Devon and Maciej’s attendance to cons this weekend, we are also continuing our work in developing the site as well as behind the scenes work on an updated web-store.

We are starting to work through each profile in the Hero & Villains section, updating the content, including adding jpegs of profile cards for reference.  This will take a few months to work through each profile that is there, and while we do this we will be adding new material detailing the backgrounds of the many Supremes and Minions we have seen added to the Pulp City cast thanks to the Kickstarter.

The first of the new backgrounds uploaded is Wildman, one of the Supremes in the new Hero Starter set. You can see what he does in the new edition of the game and find out how he made his way to Pulp City. We recommend that fans keep checking back regularly in for updates!