Spotlight on Riposte

riposteRiposte’s plot to bring down the Coven is progressing nicely. She has gained the trust of heroes and villains alike and is a much sought after commodity in the world of Supremes. The unexpected return of the Supreme Alliance and Red Republik is an opportunity she does not plan to waste, using this situation to increase chaos and unrest through Pulp City – ultimately starving the Coven of allies, resources, and power.

Riposte is arguably one of the best Support Supremes in Pulp City. Her Trump Mind of 5 and the ability to always roll an extra die on Starting Rolls helps to ensure her a place on almost any team. A Trump Agility 5 and Nimble allow her to use Agility in place of Defense, which makes her very resilient. Her Redirect Action allows Riposte to Shift Enemy models 4 inches as a Reaction to them coming in Base to Base Contact with her, furthering her defensive capability.

riposte_colorHer signature Chessmaster Action creates a 4 inch radius Aura granting Friendly models Attack 1 (+1 die to Attack rolls), and more if she generates EFX. This can significantly boost the Damage output of your Team over a Round. Her Defense Gap is an AP 1 Close Combat attack inflicting Damage 1 and allowing a Follow Up; this means that with AP Limit 4, Riposte can attack 4 times in a single Activation if needed! Defense Gap is also Strong/Models Damaged by Riposte (adding an extra attack die), and of course she can benefit from her own Aura. With those abilities, Riposte wants to be front and center in any conflict and is altogether a versatile frontline Support.

Any Team can benefit from putting Riposte in charge. She’s hard to hurt, boosts the attacks and potential Damage output of her Team, is very likely to win Starting Rolls against most opponents (with a few exceptions)and gain Master Plans while doing so. As a Hero/Villain she naturally fits in well with Mysterious Man, 100 Voices, or Dead Eye as Leaders. Being a Nature Supreme Dark Solar is very happy to bring her along, as she complements his raw power with her Starting Roll capability She’ll also work well alongside A.R.C. lead by Primate of Nature.

If you want to add Riposte to your Team she can be found in the web-store here.

Her full background can be found here.

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