Spotlight on Sovereign

sovereignBritain’s greatest Supreme Hero, Sovereign is an eternal warrior in the cause of his country, constantly fighting against evil. After two centuries of always appearing in his nation’s hour of need, Sovereign has recently been spotted in Pulp City, drawn there for as yet unknown reasons.

Sovereign offers a mix of ranged and close combat Actions. Albion Mk I is a nice basic Projectile attack. Bloody Swathe is a cheap (AP 2) short range Pulse (2 inches), inflicting Damage 1 as base Effect, and the same as Extra Effect (EFX). In close, Sovereign can use Power Slash, which works from his Trump Strength of 5 against Defense, and has Damage 2 as its basic Effect. All of his Actions are AP 2, so he can use any 2 in a Round with his AP Limit of 4.

bnw_sovereign_smaller_forH&VSovereign is primarily a Blaster in terms of Role, but thanks to his British Steel Power he gains an extra die when he benefits from Momentum with Power Slash, therefore making him effective up close. The concern there is that you need to ensure you use Sovereign aggressively to get the extra die, and he can be vulnerable to Fatigue as a consequence. Sovereign’s second Power is Battler of Britain, which allows him to replace another model if he is KO’ed, ideal if you are running out of front-line fighters in a game of attrition. The downside of the Power is that he can never be healed. To compensate for that, he has pretty solid defensive Traits (Defense 4, Agility 4, Spirit 5), allowing him to readily stand up to lower trait Attackers including Minions.

Sovereign is an independent hero, so naturally works very well with Dead Eye and Trail to feed him Power Up dice. If inducted into Blood Watch (through Honorary Member), he offers another close and medium range fighter option as an alternative or accompaniment to Sgt. Bale and can rely on Blood Rose for extra mobility. Similarly Blacksmith is a good source of buffs allowing Sovereign to get improved die pooling for his Attacks.


To learn more about this immortal warrior, read Sovereign’s story here.

To add some true mettle to your Team, Sovereign can be purchased from the web-store here.

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