Spotlight on Gemini X & Gemini Y

Gemini X and YMembers of the Ulthar Gemini Caste are the silent enforcers of Ulthar culture. Through their psychic influence, the current Ulthar way of conquest and war has been reinforced for centuries. The failed subjugation of Earth has posed a danger to the current Ulthar system, so the Gemini Twins manipulated circumstances to ensure the survival of the Ulthar Empire, and are now trapped the with other outcast Ulthar on Earth.

In-game, the Twins form a strong resource base for any Team. Taken together they provide plenty of AP as well as delivering Healing, Mind Control, Suppression and some other surprises. Gemini X is the more passive and defensive Twin: Solace of Neptune provides a rare Heal to allies; Concealing Mist grants Defend buffs to Friendly Ulthar in a 4 inch Aura; finally, Perilous Pillar creates a 5 inch tall Structure of unstable energy that explodes when KO’ed (by suffering Damage 1) – this can be used to set up traps, block paths, or force an enemy to change plans. It’s a subtle ability that requires careful use but can be very powerful.

Ulthar 3 4 GeminiGemini Y is the more aggressive and combat oriented Twin. Gemini Y’s Fearful Presence is a 4 inch Aura that causes Suppress to all Non-Ulthar models. This can reduce enemy offense and defense and combined with Gemini X’s Concealing Mist makes the Twins very resilient. Mind Grip offers Mind Control with the added benefit of Attack 1 for the Target. Finally, Despairing Thoughts is an Indirect 6 attack with Power Down 2 as Effect and Extra Effect (EFX). This can reduce a fully buffed Powerhouse down to only a few dice, drastically reducing their combat effectiveness, especially if combined with Fearful Presence.

The real influence of the Gemini Twins is in their Twin Minds Power. This grants each Twin 2 extra dice on any Action Roll, including rolls against Target Numbers, while in Base to Base with each other. This means almost any roll made by the Twins has a potential base of 3 dice, therefore frequently generating at least one EFX. In addition, Twin Minds allows that immediately after one Twin Activates the other may immediately activate. Chain Activations can be one of the most powerful things in Pulp City. The Twins can be assured to get not one, but multiple chain activations in a round. Taken together they are arguably some of the best Support Supremes in Pulp City.

Naturally the Gemini Twins work best in an Ulthar Team as each has an Action that works best on Ulthar. They can also find a good place in a Nature team lead by Dark Solar. They can be fragile and if you lose a Twin they lose the benefit of Twin Minds, so having a bodyguard is ideal; the presence of Kitharion or Stinger in an Ulthar Team, or Doom Train or Rook in a Villain Team, can certainly increase their longevity.


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