Spotlight on Trail

trailPop psychosocial writer turned shadowy vigilante. Trail brings the literal power of his hive mind theory to bear against criminals across Pulp City, leaving broken psyches in his wake. As Trail, John Mesmer sifts through and manipulates the thoughts of those he stalks using his incredible psychic prowess. That raises one important question – what does the future hold for this man that has looked deeply within the darkness in the minds of others?

A Level 2 Support Supreme benefiting from Stealth, while Trail offer only limited Damage-output, he makes up for this with some potent options which he brings to bear. Trail’s Actions are all Indirect, meaning no Line of Sight is needed. Trail’s Actions use his Trump Mind and target an enemy’s Spirit making him useful against more physical enemies. His basic Mind Strike Action inflicts Damage 1 and Stun but does not have intrinsic additions to his die pool. Mind Strike is useful against Minions or Supremes with only a few HP left. Increased Probability allows Trail to load Power Up dice on a model, and with an Extra Effect (EFX) can even affect another model near to the Target. Pawns is a classic Mind Control Action, allowing Trail to make the affected Defender Shift 4 inches and use a single available Action.

trail2 lower resTrail’s Master of Deception Power adds protection as he can bounce Attacks against him onto Friendly Minions within 2 inches, useful to stay in the game and especially against big die-pool Attacks. A Second Ahead allows a Friendly model to Chain Activate immediately after Trail’s first Activation in a Round; one use is for Trail to buff a Friendly Supreme with Increased Probability, then Activate that model.

Trail works very well with Dead Eye; the two can work with a third Supreme to create a big Chain Activation, which becomes compounded with Commanding Minions to suddenly allow 6 Activations (3 Supremes and 3 Minions) within a single Turn! Doing this can create a pivotal momentum shift early in the Round. Stone Hawk’s Stoneshapes make an effective barrier in front of Trail, while Trail can still use his Actions as they are all Indirect. Finally, models such as Grimmancer and June Summers can work with Trail to stack multiple Power Up dice onto one of your Supremes right from the start of the Encounter – all three could load dice in one Turn!


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If you think Trail can enhance your team of stalwart Heroes is the Supreme to add a special touch of mystery to your Team, he can be found in the web-store here.

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