Spotlight on Night Fright & Leech

nightfrightNight Fright rides into battle astride Leech – his Nightmare Engine skyboard – to bring terror to the enemies of the Necroplane. Night Fright was a fallen Supreme Hero brought to a mockery of life through necro-science to serve the plans of Dr. Tenebrous. Now the duo are always at the spearhead of the Scourge during Necroplane assaults.

Two characters, one mini: Night Fright & Leech are a fearsome option on the battlefield. As a Level 2 Speeder they are aggressive and hard hitting with more durability than a Level 1 Supreme. Nightmare Engine is an Aura which renders Living models Easy Targets (+1 die to attack them). Monsters in the Closet is a de-buff Reaction to being Targeted, with Power Down 1 and Suppress 1 as basic Effects (FX) and Extra Effects (EFX). Both of those Actions can set up opportunities for Night Fright & Leech’s main threat: Scythes – a 5 inch range Overrun benefiting from the model’s 40 mm base. Scythes only inflicts Damage 1 as FX, but its EFX cause Suppress 1 or Knockback 4, which is great for disrupting and softening up Enemies for your heavy-hitters to clobber.

nightfright1With a Flight movement of 5 Night Fright & Leech excel in territory-controlling Plots and Agendas; they are able to Tag or move into controlling positions with relative ease. The model’s mobility can be exploited for its Powers; Machine Dreams makes Enemy Mechanical models in Base to Base (BtB) count as Living (useful when Teammates have Darkness Element), which has synergy with Night Fright & Leech’s second Power, Who Sows Nightmares, Reaps Terror – which grants a Power Up die to Friendly Necroplane Supreme when a Living Enemy model is KO’ed within 6 inches of Night Fright & Leech. Use Night Fright & Leech to generate extra Power Up dice by careful positioning or by using their Overrun on weak 1 HP Living or Mechanical Minions.

As a Villain and Necroplane Supreme, try and use Night Fright & Leech with models with Darkness or those who work best against Living models. Night Fright & Leech’s Aura means that model’s like Supreme Zed (using Death Beam), Dr. Tenebrous (Crippling) and Mourn (Screams of the Dead) add an extra die when attacking Living, which they are restricted to doing anyway with those Actions. Position Night Fright & Leech in BtB with an Enemy Living or Mechanical model to benefit from Tenebrous’ Scourge Power, or specifically Mechanical models to enable Mambo or Mr. Kraken’s Mind Control Actions (useful against Heavy Metal).
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