Spotlight on Supreme Grimm

supremegrimmThe Grimm are an incredibly diverse species, subject to rapid evolutionary change, frequently stimulated by human culture. One such example is the individual designated Supreme Grimm, a creature clearly inspired by Pulp City’s masked Heroes and Villains, now forging its own idiosyncratic career fighting crime, and occasionally causing mayhem.

Supreme Grimm can be a surprisingly potent and very capable Level 1 Supreme, but that is tempered by the fact that the basis for his threat can be erratic! As a Speeder, he can move up to three times per Round, making him incredibly mobile. As Supreme Grimm is on a 30mm base he does not add intrinsic dice to Action Rolls, so it is imperative to make use of his The Cape Action. This Action is Combinable and if it works, its Special Effect changes his Movement Type to Flight 5, boosting his basic die pool. That in turn makes his other Actions more effective. It also carries Self/Power Up 1 as its Extra effect, but try not to overly rely on that. Supreme Grimm’s Strike is the standard version Action, with Damage 1 as basic Effect (FX) and EFX. Grimm Rush is a simple Overrun also with Damage 1 as FX and EFX, and unlike Strike, works on Supreme Grimm’s Trump Agility.

Supreme Grimm’s solitary Power is The Grimm The City Needs. This is a nifty option for Team-working as it provides a Friendly model in Base to Base (BtB) with Supreme Grimm a Power Up die. This means that to get the most out of Supreme Grimm he needs to be used alongside Friendly models in close proximity, and that planning for the next Round in terms of positioning can pay off.

SupremeGrimmWhat Supreme Grimm needs are dice. As a Level 1, he has most of the tools he needs to provide threat to opposing models, especially those that which are clustered and/or do not have high Agility. To optimize his Attacking options, Power Up, Attack Effects and bonuses to his Traits are crucial. Grimmancer can load Power Up dice onto Supreme Grimm early game. Use Supreme Grimm in BtB with Hooligrimm against a Target they are Mobbing to boost Supreme Grimm’s Agility to 5. The Big Grimmowski can stack onto that the +1 Agility he provides if timed right. Keeping Supreme Grimm in Riposte’s Chessmaster Aura can boost his Attack dice while he may be able to feed her a Power Up die. Finally, June Summers can remote supply Power Up from up to 12 inches away.


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