Spotlight on Iron Train

irontrainTony Miragliano watched corporate greed destroy his life’s work. In a drunken stupor he broke into the junk yard to save his beloved train Francesca, falling to a hail of bullets from the guards on duty. He should have died but instead awoke clad in an armored life support system that had been his train. He no longer wonders what happened that night, but instead strives to protect the city and all its inhabitants, and is the rock-solid foundation of Heavy Metal.

Iron Train is the Tank against which all others are judged. With Trump Defense of 6 and the Armored Power allowing him to use Defense instead of Agility, he is very hard to Damage by conventional means. His Age of Steam Action is combinable and grants him Defend 1 as basic Effect (FX). With Extra Effects (EFX) of Attack 2, Defend 1, or Shift 4, this makes Iron Train very versatile. Power Smash is an excellent combat Action dealing Damage 2 as FX and Damage 1 or Knockback 4 as EFX. Finally, his Street Brawler Action is a Throw with 8 inch range and Damage 2 as FX. With an AP limit of 3 Iron Train will only get one Attack per Round but it’s something the enemy cannot ignore.

irontrain-artIn addition to his Armored Power, Iron Train also has High Octane Fuel. This allows you to Fatigue Iron Train to gain an additional +2 dice when benefiting from Momentum (in addition to the Momentum die), for a total of 4 dice when he charges into combat. With a good roll on his Age of Steam he can gain the Attack 2 bonus giving him a 6 dice pool, and often an additional die from Size Matters. You can also add one more die if Iron Train can take advantage of the Smash It Up bonus. It’s expensive but when you really need to do some damage or Knockback an enemy Powerhouse or Brawler you can’t argue with the results.

Iron Train fits in well with any Hero or Heavy Metal Team. A Tank that hits as hard as he does will always be useful. M.O.D. is a great choice to use with him as M.O.D. can add Attack dice and Heal if necessary. Also, M.O.D.’s Roger Wilco makes it easy for him to stay in BtB with Iron Train. Nuclear Jones can also provide extra Attack dice. Dead Eye, Trail and Tekkna can help with additional Power Up dice, and Tekkna can further increase his Defense.


You can see Iron Train’s game card and read more about how he came to be one of Pulp City’s most beloved Heroes here (click for link).


If you want to add Iron Train’s mettle to your Team, you can find him here in the web-store (click for link)

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