Spotlight on Doom Train

doomtrain1Dr. Tenebrous’ first successful re-creation of a Pulp City Supreme; Doom Train was designed to match Iron Train’s threat. Doom Train’s body is made from the same metal that gave birth to Iron Train, necro-surgically grafted onto a living warlock, killing him in the process. It is unclear how long the mystic energies that keep him animated will last but Dr. Tenebrous knows there are always more warlocks when the ‘fuel’ from this one runs out.

Doom Train is as tough as they come in Pulp City. With Trump Defense of 6 and the Armored Power letting him use Defense instead of Agility to defend, he is very hard to Damage. Sadly, his Spirit is only 2 and so he finds himself very vulnerable to mystic or psychic attacks. Haunted Engine is an Instant action that is Combinable and grants Doom Train Defend 1 as basic Effect (FX) with a choice of either Attack 1 or Defend 1 as Extra Effect (EFX). Weaken is also a Combinable Action, creating a 4 inch Aura that applies Suppress 2 on Living models within it (sparing Necroplane Supremes and Minions). Finally, his only Attack Action is T.K. Throw, an Attack with 6 inch range that is Strong against all Targets. It deals Damage 1 as FX and EFX, with Knockback 4 as an additional EFX choice.

doomtrainconceptTelekinesis is the Power that makes Doom Train work. It allows him to pick up Objects up to 6 inches away as if he were in Base to Base with them. He can then use his T.K. Throw to hurl the Object measuring the distance of T.K. Throw from his base. This means he can pick up a car 6 inches behind him and hurl it at an enemy model 6 inches in front of him.

Doom Train works best in a Team with very few Living models so they can take advantage of his Suppression Aura. Naturally, Necroplane allies work well and Sanguine benefits from having a Tank to protect him while boosting Doom Train’s Attack dice. Night Fright & Leech can help being able to turn Mechanical Models into Living Models, leaving them vulnerable to Weaken. Jade Cult can find a place for him near Shadow Mask or Jade Oni, increasing their survivability. He can make an exceptional body guard for Tanuki while benefitting from additional Power Up dice. Stygian can take him with the Forgotten (through Honorary Member) providing them a powerful Level 2 Tank, while he will benefit from her Faction Leader Card being on a 40mm base.


You can see Doom Train’s game card and read more about his story here (click for link).


If Doom Train’s dark power is what you want in your Team, you can locate him here in the web-store (click for link).

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