Spotlight on M.O.D.

modM.O.D. is the little robot who could. Designated as Modular Operations Droid, M.O.D. was built by Androida and Dr. Mercury mostly for research support and lab cleaning. The small robot soon proved his worth when Heavy Metal’s headquarters was attacked during the events of the Fall, and now he is a vital and popular member of the Team, although he never forgets to ensure the labs are kept spick and span.

As a Level 1 Support, M.O.D.’s Actions totally emphasize assisting his Team-mates, as he has no Damaging or de-buff Effect causing Actions. In some ways this makes him easier to play than other Supports as it allows the player to focus on what is needed most. His first action is Utility Bot, which is used in Base to Base (BtB) and its primary enhancement is Attack 1 for the recipient as basic effect (FX). As Extra Effects (EFX) it offers two choices: Attack and Defend 1; or Power Up 1 and Self/Power Up 1. M.O.D.’s other BtB Action is Let Me Fix It! This Action has Heal 2 as FX and Heal 1 as EFX. M.O.D.’s final Action is Shields, a short range Aura (2 inch radius from his base), which provides Defend 1 as EFX, creating a defensive bubble which can stack with the Defend EFX from Utility Bot.



M.O.D.’s real strength is through his Roger, Wilco Power. This allows him to Activate immediately after a Friendly Heavy Metal Supreme (a Chain Activation). This Chain Activation allows simpler decision-making. The most obvious use is to keep M.O.D. close to an advancing Supreme to keep them in range of his Shields Aura, or to run over to Heal an ally. To maximize the opportunities of this, the M.O.D. player needs to plan a Turn or two ahead, but it gives greater freedom which is always welcome.

Heavy Metal teams are an obvious fit for M.O.D., especially Mechanical Supremes such as C.O.R.E., Lady Cyburn, Androida, Dr. Mercury and Nuclear Jones, as M.O.D. rolls 2 dice as standard with Utility Bot and Let me Fix It! with these models. Similarly, he works well with a Supreme like Vector. Chronin is a great ally, easily able to get to 3 or more dice when defending under Shields – with stacked Defend bonuses from Utility Bot and Time Shields she could achieve 4 or 5 defensive dice, ideal for sitting on an Objective. Finally, Slug Muldoon’s Power allowing him to Self/Damage for extra dice can be offset by M.O.D.’s Heal Action.


You can read more about M.O.D. here (click for link).


And if you think M.O.D. is just the Supreme your Team needs, you can find him here in the Pulp City web-store (click for link).



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