Spotlight on Solar

solarSolar was one of the first Supremes to appear for the Pulp City game, and a just over a couple of years ago had a makeover into the fantastic new model we have today!

Blessed or cursed by Ahau Kin depending on when he is asked, Johann Sonnenbrandt is one of Pulp City’s most prominent Supremes. While he struggles with the complex nature of being the living avatar of an ancient god, it is a sacrifice he makes willingly to honor the memory of the woman he loved. His most iconic form is that of Solar, embodying the good of the ancient sun god Ahau Kin, when Johann is briefly able to enjoy his Supreme power, serving the people of Pulp City as one of its most iconic champions of justice and right.

solar-page-002As a Level 2 Blaster, Solar has a lot going for him: Flight 5, decent Attack Traits, good defenses, and a wicked right hook. His main Action is his Sun Ray, a Ray (naturally!) with 6 inch range, dealing Damage 1 as its base Effect (FX), and Damage 1 again as Extra Effect (EFX). When up close and personal, his Flaming Fists Deal Damage 2 as FX in close combat, with Damage 1 or Extra Target 1 as EFX. This is excellent to use when you can benefit from Momentum or Mobbing, or if you want to clear out a couple of tougher Minions in one punch. Finally, his ultimate display of might is Sun Strikes, an Indirect attack with 10 inch range. This inflicts Damage 1 as FX and EFX, and if it hits the primary Target, the Action can immediately attack two additional models within 10 inches of Solar with the same FX and EFX.

Solar shares the Avatar of Ahau Kin Power, meaning you can’t take Avatar of Jaguar or Dark Solar in the same Team. His Touch of the Sun Power grants other Nature Supremes within 4 inches of Solar +1 die to all Action Rolls, useful for both attack and defense and lending itself to including Solar in a Team with other Nature Supremes.

solar lower resStalker is an obvious companion for Solar as he has an Action that only adds Power Up to those with Avatar of Ahau Kin. Naturally you’ll want Nature Supremes to benefit from Touch of the Sun; obvious choices include Father Oak or Acorn. Perun is another excellent option as the two Blasters also make formidable alternatives to Brawlers in a pinch, leaving more room on your Team selection for other Roles. Guerilla and Primate of Nature are great partners if you make Solar an A.R.C. Honorary Member, as both offer synergies with and from Solar (Rebel Yell for Guerilla; Chosen of the Ape Spirit for the Primate of Nature).


If you want to read more about Solar’s story, click here for the link.


If Solar has the sun-powered muscle your Team needs, then you can find him in the web-store (click for link).

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