Spotlight on Anansi

anansiThe Spotlight shines on Anansi this time around, one of the three Supremes featured in the Villain Starter Set.

The avatar of the Trickster god, Anansi’s journey has led her to Pulp City. On her way, she learned many skills, as acrobat, thief and more. When she came to the attention of Mysterious Man he used his science to give her Supreme abilities to complement her skills. The trickster god was satisfied with this and in turn Anansi was at last ready to accept the mantle that had been chosen for her many years earlier. Today she often works as an agent of the Mysterious Man or other Supreme criminals, but even Anansi is unsure of her ultimate destiny.

Anansi-page-002Anansi is a Level 2 Infiltrator, currently one of only three Infiltrators at that Level. This gives her greater durability than most Infiltrators, ideal for seizing Objectives when combined with her Stealth and Wall Crawling movement. Her core Combat Action is Power lunge, working on her high-value Trump Agility. Power Lunge is a close combat Attack delivering an impressive Damage 2 as base Effect (FX) and Damage 1 as Extra Effect (EFX) option. Next is Web Barrage, a Pulse with 4-inch radius, delivering Shift 4 as FX and Damage 1 as EFX, useful for disrupting Enemy formations. Finally, she has Webswing, a nifty Combinable Projectile with Damage 1 as EFX, and Damage 1 or Self/Shift 6 – this works well with a Move then Power Lunge followed by Webswing to try and get Anansi out of threat range.

Anansi’s first Power is Trickster Spider. When Anansi is a target of an Enemy Combat Action that uses 2 or more dice, she may change 1 die into a result of ‘1’, which can be done after the dice are rolled. This effectively allows her to cancel an EFX against most Attacks, increasing her durability. Next is Blessing of the Spider, giving Anansi 1 Power Up die in her first Activation each Round, useful for enhancing Attacks or her defensive rolls.

AnansiConsider using Anansi’s Web Barrage with Seabolt’s Go With The Flow, allowing you to Shift multiple models with only a couple of Activations. In a Dark Solar Nature Team, Anansi is a perfect Objective grabber, especially as Dark Solar supplies extra Power Up dice. As an Honorary Member, Anansi is great with Coven for placing Mambo deep onto the Battlefield (using Mambo’s Arm Candy); or in The Way or Jade Cult with Green Serpent to provide two Level 2 Infiltrators for multiple Objectives/table quarters. Finally, use Web Barrage to move Targets into the long-range threat of models such as Gentleman, Ba-Boom or Tangentor Supremes like Nuke for close combat.

You can read more about Anansi’s story here (click for link).

If you want to add Anansi to your Team, you can find here here in the web-store or in the Villain Starter Set (click for links).

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