Spotlight on Aquanaut

aquanautOne of the Supreme Alliance’s mightiest members, Aquanaut adds raw physical power to any Team that recruits her!

Appearing during the early days of World War II, Aquanaut was first seen publicly demanding that the growing conflict ceased on the ocean waves. Her proclamation was ignored by warring nations who had no previous contact with Atlantis. Despite initial skirmishes with Heroes such as Sovereign, Aquanaut eventually came to join forces with the Supreme Alliance. As the only evidence of the mythical state’s existence, following the disappearance of Aquanaut and the rest of the Supreme Alliance, Atlantis has never been fully accepted as real by the nations of the world, increasingly dismissed as myth in latter years.

aquanaut-page-002Aquanaut is a very effective Level 2 Brawler, able to go toe-to-toe with even the toughest Tanks. Her excellent Strength 6 backed by her Flight-based High Ground bonus benefits two of her Actions: Power Strike and Trident Throw. Power Strike is a 2 AP melee Attack, inflicting Damage 2 as basic Effect (FX) and Damage 1 Extra Effect (EFX). Trident Throw is a Projectile with 4-inch range, with Pull 4 and Damage 1 as FX, and Damage 1 or Follow Up as EFX. Aquanaut’s other Action is Siren Scream, a 4-inch range Ray causing Knockback 4 as FX, and Self/Power Up 1 as EFX. Siren Scream won’t often trigger many EFX as it is non-Trump, but clustered low-Spirit models such as Minions make ideal Targets.

Aquanaut’s Powers are very much focused on using her in close combat, adding to her Brawler and Flight (High Ground) bonuses. Imperatrix Regina, gives an additional die bonus against models on larger bases (compensating against their Size Matters bonuses); this grants Aquanaut the capability to go hunting larger models including many Powerhouses, Tanks, and Brawlers. Vengeful Pride allows Aquanaut to retain a Momentum bonus if moving from Base to Base (BtB) with one Enemy into BtB with another Enemy. Aquanaut’s player should try to avoid attritional fights as her medium-value defensive Traits do not suit prolonged battles.

aquanautlrE.C.T.O. and Sabotage are great allies for Aquanaut, able to provide Power Up dice to help her deliver a lot of Damage quickly, while Spybreaker can do something similar through Master Plans (Power Up). Beyond Supreme Alliance, as a solid Brawler Aquanaut is a great choice for a Dark Solar Team. Dark Solar can also fuel her with the Power Up dice vital for delivering overwhelming Attacks. Leaders able to boost Attack die-pools are always a good fit using Honorary Member, for example, White Tiger, or Dead Eye or V.H. (the latter using their Faction Leader Cards).


If you think Aquanaut is the right Brawler for your Team, then you can find her in the web-store (click for link).

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