Spotlight on Rosie ‘Baby’ Rude

rosie-rudeRosie is a Powerhouse, and as a Powerhouse she is a big model who packs a lot of punch for any Team taking her!

Rosie ‘Baby’ Rude’s physiology was transformed by mutagenic fallout from the Fall. With Heavy Metal’s help, this giantess was able control the new energy coursing within her body, and has adapted to the changes it has brought her. The epitome of girl-power, Rosie is now the city’s busiest construction worker, using her size and superhuman strength to repair the damage wreaked on the skyline by Supreme conflicts, while battling alongside the city’s heroes in times of need. Whenever the call of Dead Eye goes out, Rosie steps up to the plate as she strives to protect her home, Pulp City.

rosie-baby-rude-page-002A Level 3 Powerhouse, Rosie is a hard-hitting model in keeping with her Role. Her Actions are all combat-focused and her various basic Effect (FX) and Extra Effect (EFX) options deliver the game’s furthest potential Knockback. Costing 2 AP, Batter Up! is a close combat Action inflicting Damage 1 and Knockback 4 as FX, with either Damage 1 or Knockback 5 as EFX. Wild Swing is similar but is a Pulse with 2-inch range, inflicting an amazing Damage 2 and Knockback 3 as FX, Damage 1 and Knockback 3 as EFX, for 3 AP. Finally, Steel Glove is an Instant (IST) Action which adds Self/Attack 1 as FX and EFX for 1 AP, and can maximize her EFX with Batter Up! and Wild Swing.

Rosie’s first Power (Girl power) adds 1 extra die per point of Strength the Target has above 5. This makes her ideal for taking on other Powerhouses or very strong models such Supreme Zed, Wonder Wight or Hellsmith. Her other Powers grant Rosie Immunity to Displacement Effects, Fatigue (only from the Actions of others, not Rosie’s own Actions) and Stun (except if Burdened). This allows Rosie to either stay in place or remain mobile for Objective grabbing and holding, as well as minimizing Enemies’ non-Damaging Effects used against her.

newbabyrude1aRosie is excellent with Dead Eye as they can safely sit on Objectives soaking up whatever hits them. Consider her with Slug Muldoon: firstly, Slug Fatigues and Stuns a model using Tangle Wire (preferably a model which has already move) then Rosie attacks the vulnerable Target. Tekkna can supply Power Up and AP. Crimson Oni can use Flight of the Phoenix increasing Rosie’s mobility. Finally, use Honorary Member to take Rosie with Coven; Rook can increase her AP Limit, allowing more Action choices – two uses of Batter Up! with Steel Glove, or Batter Up! and Wild Swing in one Round.


To learn more about Rosie’s story you can read about it here (click for link).


If Rosie packs the power your Team needs, you can find her in the web-store here (click for link)

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