Spotlight on Chernobog

ChernobogAn ancient entity bound to the Red Republik, Chernobog secretly works with the Forgotten, and is represented through a Special Card (available in the web-store) to use with the Perun mini.

Desperate for an edge even his science could not provide, Professor Hammer turned to the mage Baroque to add the ranks of his Supremes. Under Baroque’s guidance a trap was set for Perun, who in turn would act as an anchor to lure dark Chernobog to the Earthly plane. Chernobog responded, but freed his ‘brother’ from the unseemly techno-magical shackles the mortals had utilized. Chernobog agreed to serve alongside Hammer and his followers, all the while listening to the call of another ancient power.

chernobog-page-002Chernobog is a variant Special Card for the Perun model, a powerful Level 2 Brawler with ranged combat options. He offers a fairly standard AP 2 Projectile Action, Umber Bolt, an AP 2 ranged Attack inflicting Damage 1 as base Effect (FX) and Damage 1 or Pull 6 as Extra Effect choices (EFX). Next, Chernobog has Power Smash, an effective close combat Action allowing him to use Objects to add the Smash It Up Combat Bonus. Power Smash delivers Damage 2 as FX and Damage 1 or Knockback 4 as EFX. Finally, Umber Vortex is a potentially devastating area effect (a 6-inch Pulse) which Damages and can steal Power Up dice for Chernobog, however it is not selective so can affect Friendly models too.

Chernobog’s Essence of Umber Power inflicts Damage 1 on Living models in Base to Base (BtB) in each Effects Phase; ensure Chernobog moves as late in the Round as possible to maximize threat – Umber Bolt’s Pull EFX is very useful here. His Bonds of Despair Power renders any Living model in BtB Immune to Displacement Effects – useful for anchoring allies (especially any Forgotten), and for sneakily stopping models able to displace themselves such as Androida (Lightning Fast) or Twilight (Vanish). For example, move into base to Base with Twilight to render her Immune to the benefit from her own Reaction!

chernobogChernobog naturally fits Red Republik and the Forgotten. Professor Hammer’s Iron Litany advances Chernobog through Shift and adds buffs. S.P.U.T.N.I.K. can similarly move Chernobog into position faster, allowing you get an early assault on your opponent. Use Mr. Kraken’s Malevolence then subsequently overlap the same area with Umber Bolt – leaving Targets with minimal defensive dice. Outside those Factions, Xenobi’s Taunting offers synergy by moving Enemy Supremes closer to Chernobog. Finally, Sister Bedlam can offset some of the risk to Team-mates of Umber Vortex with her Pain-Link Aura.


You can buy the Perun mini to use as Chernobog here in the web-store as well as the Special Card with all of Chernobog’s rules (click for links).

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