Gentleman (Hero/Villain)

Code-name: Gentleman

Full Name: Danny Ortega

Faction: none

If Danny Ortega is to be called ever a victim of anything, he is a victim of fashion and trends.

Blame it on a childhood of misery in the poorest and most dangerous district of Pulp City, New Port. Growing up in that tough environment would make or break the spirit of any who lived there. Danny Ortega was a born survivor and life in New Port hardened him and honed his now-legendary skills.

These days better known as the Gentleman, Danny has a thing for the trendiest suits and shiniest guns. His clean and precise methods of eliminating his targets have forged his reputation as one of the best hitmen in town, capable even of assassinating a Supreme. In fact, he is most infamous for reputedly taking down Black Jack, a speeder hero from his block, although there has never been enough evidence to pin the crime on him.

Things are never as simple as they seem, and the Gentleman is not utterly evil; he considers moral standards more or less a matter of individual taste, and money is usually the only absolute. Just as you may like a Prada suit, so you may like being a hitman.

Ortega has invested his money smartly, and even covertly became an owner of stock in a new technologies company. Even with a growing wealth, Danny continues to remain active, suggesting he has a longer game in mind. Despite his criminal career, he is definitely a local patriot. Many citizens recall an elegantly-attired silhouette sniping Ulthar soldiers from the roof of the City Hall during the last invasion by the alien force. It is Danny Ortega’s resources and his skill with guns that are the reason he gets invited to fight side by side with the even most powerful Villains, and has even been seen alongside a few vigilante Heroes.

Gentleman hardly qualifies as a Supreme in the strictest sense, unless money and an almost unerring shot is to be considered a special power. On the battlefield he brings with him an arsenal of gadgets, gizmos and contacts, and of course his trademark sniper rifle. He has become known as a very particular hitman, taking only the contracts that he considers will be ‘fun’ and that will challenge his considerable skill-set. Not only does he work for the best, but he works with the best and all the people he hires are top notch criminal specialists and hard-boiled operators.

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