Spotlight on Tritonious

tritoniusA half-alien hybrid who is a long way from his ancestral home in Atlantis, Tritonious has now come to Pulp City. He has been drawn there by a threat he has heard spoken of by the oceans, and is determined to play his part in fighting it, forging strange alliances to get to the heart of the danger he fears.

A tough-looking model, Tritonious offers a nice Trump Strength 5 close combat attack (Triton’s Strike) inflicting a basic Damage 2, and which is Strong/Water (look out Ulthar!); being Level 1 does not stop Tritonious packing a real punch as he gets his Brawler die bonus in base to base, and will often benefit from Size Matters for a further extra die. In addition, he has an exceptional HP 6, giving him more durability than most Level 1 Supremes, and therefore able to get stuck into a fight.

With planning, Tritonious can set up a target by hitting them earlier in the Round with Dampen, which offers Suppress (weakening their defensive die pool) and adds Water to their Elements (playing off Triton’s Strike Strong/Water bonus die). Essentially, Tritonious can really soften up even Level 2 Targets with a mix of Damage and Suppress, allowing an allied Supreme to attack the same model later in the Round to hopefully finish it off. brick-1wTritonious’ final Action is Tidal Charge, a nice effective Overrun, allowing him to attack multiple models for just 2 AP. Tidal Charge can be great to clear groups of Minions, to rush past enemy models to score contested objectives, or set up for an attack against vulnerable Supports. Altogether Tritonious is a very appealing model to fill out a Team.

Dark Solar gives Tritonious a great Team option – go all-Nature and stock him up on Power Up dice to really boost his Damage output. Pair him up with a Level 2 Brawler or Blaster such as Wildman or Guerilla, and the pair can make a durable flanking force for only 3 Levels, double-teaming models as they advance. Tritonious’ only restriction is Ulthar – he cannot be used in the same Team as Ulthar models.

If you would like to add Tritonious to your team he can be found here in the web-store (click for link).

Tritonious’ full background can be found here (click for link).

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